February 17, 2006

one liner

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After winning an argument with his wife, the wisest thing a husband can do is apologize…


On reading the above, Hubby looked up from beneath his bi-focals perched precariously on his nose, and suggested the following changes in parenthesis, in all seriousness.

Read revised:

After winning an argument with his wife (in the rare event that he does and rarer that defeat is conceded), the wisest thing a husband can do is apologise..


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The flip side of irresponsible dramatisations, as featured in Rang de Basanti. What could have been a fine specimen of Indian cinema, with its youthful vivaciousness, is denigrating to misguiding gullible youth(70% in villages according to the latest ORG_NIELSEN survey) to perhaps connote patriotism as taking up the mantle of self proclaimed do gooders with violence as their tool. (more…)

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