November 29, 2007

Mumbai Fare : Britannia


Mr.Boman Kohinoor and me’

THERE IS NO LOVE GREATER THAN THE LOVE OF EATING’.. is a mantra diligently followed as well as encrypted in the menu of Britannia restaurant..

and damn gainsayers , mostly the lot obsessively watching their calories and waists, longingly, pleadingly, lurking around, not daring to venture close when you are probing the Biryani expectantly, excitedly trying to muffle the slurp. (more…)

November 22, 2007

Shahrukh Khan Snubbed By BCCI


Loved him in the CDI look

Kaveetaa Kaul

The BCCI has once again proven that is the single most controversial non governmental body. This time it has outdone itself by embarking on a tomfoolery riot in a matter outside the periphery of cricket, into a sphere which is as much revered. The iconic Shahrukh Khan. Of the three that can whip up a fanatical frenzy for Indians, inexplicable and irrational, one is, the other cricket and then SRK..not particularly in that order..Wonder what would occur if the three appeared combined, by an act of God…which adds on the ‘religion’ as the (more…)

November 15, 2007

Saawariya-Movie Review (updated)


Kaveetaa Kaul

Featured blog on Sulekha and Editors Choice

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WordPress Featured Blog- Saawariya Review

Update : My hunch has been proven bottom of post for details.

Saawariya review

In the present age when media of all categories and cadres, is purposefully bombarding ones senses and time willy nilly with information essentially suggestive as if of hypnotic capturing of ones personal opinions, reviews of a film eagerly awaited, overwhelm thought processes. Easily influenced gullible minds fall prey to the insidiously, oftentimes stridently suggested message tags of ‘hit’ or ‘flop’. A more discerning populace admittedly small in percentage, decide to cast aside ‘fed’ ideas and view open minded a movie which promises ‘greatness’ in the cinema-ic denotation.


November 14, 2007

Lakme Revlon Deny Female Staff Marriage Symbols


Kaveetaa Kaul

Without attempting a perfervid take on this incident, I found it prudent to expatiate on Sachiniti to bring the issue to light. Its time we make wrong doers answerable.

A recent shopping experience left one feeling quite disgusted at the dictatorial attitude of cosmetic companies Revlon and Lakme towards their female staff. A casual chat revealed that married women at the respective counters, while expected to be ‘made up’ to the hilt were permitted to wear neither the ‘sindoor‘ ( vermilion mark on the forehead indicating marital status) or the ‘mangal sutra’ ( a sacred thread of black beads donned at the time of the marriage ceremony) as a matter of policy.

It got my goat and I have mailed them my views on the issue reproduced below: (more…)

November 12, 2007

Awarded… And Passed On To A Few Of The Best Bloggers


Kaveetaa Kaul

Since I have been graciously awarded the above by Mapiprincesa , felt it would be in the propriety of things to carry it forward. Hedonism as a philosophy is highly contagious.

Although Mapiprincesa grandly made her choice from among the blogosphere globally(wow) I am nominating five bloggers from our desi sphere ..’Kyunki dil hai hindustani’. I think the under mentioned ‘roaaaaaarrrr’ well enough to be heard and applauded. They are encouraged to add the above image on to their website, nominate their ‘five’ and keep the roarrrr alive in the blogging safari. (more…)

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