March 30, 2006

Power to you- Suketu Mehta

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With great pleasure and utmost satifaction at having finally read something which has elicited a standing ovation, right here, before my laptop and in the presence of my office table, t.v., notes, all bearing silent testimony to this uncharacteristic burst of unveiled appreciation. . I present to you excerpts from the speech of Suketu mehta,award winning writer par excellence,delivered at the India Today conclave. (more…)

March 29, 2006


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By Anouradha Bakshi

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A hostel in Madurai has been forcing students to maintain a public register of their menstrual cycle.
This is to prevent premarital sex and to ensure that teenage girls do not go astray.
The invasion of privacy has been taking place for years at the government hostel for poor and backward class students in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai district.
the article goes on to say
The girls revealed that the policing is done by the cook under the overall supervision of the warden.
But while their records may be strictly monitored, their sanitation is not.
The girls claim their hostel has just one bathroom but that is exclusively for the warden. The girls can enter it but only to clean it and not use it.
Ironically the moral brigade is unconcerned about the fact that the girls have to bathe out in the open after dusk.

I wonder when abuse on women will end.. It just does not make sense, the shoe is on the wrong foot..
maybe it is time one addresses the question in a different manner and deal with men and their animal like reactions..

March 27, 2006

Meher Bhargava..Mata Durga

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The title may seem a bit over the top.But I do not recall a single other instance when a mother-in-law has admonished dangerous criminals for teasing her daughter-in -law, demanded an apology and then paid for it with her life.

On this courageous and astonishingly brave Meher Bhargava I had writtenas early as March 7th hoping and praying that she will recover.

But she is no more. (more…)

March 24, 2006


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Examples of typical Mumbai-isms

* Yeh mehengai bahut costly ho gaya hai aaj kal

*Aaj aapun ka bad luck hi kharaab hai

*Arrey uska room kya mast hai.. paanch bada bada kamra hai
(room is a synonym for an apartment, while kamra ofcourse is room)

*yeh aaj kal tension ka bahut magajmari hai

One encounters these and such like on a daily basis, but dare not smirk..

ekdum serious se sunne ka

March 20, 2006

Throw Momma into Jail

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Its all about loving your parents’ money!!

Married couples are using the anti-dowry laws to implicate their parents/in-laws to part with their wealth or to live separately.

Please refer to this link.

In a shocking trend, some middle class married women, in league with their (more…)

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