March 1, 2006


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Welcome aboard Anou,

If I have learnt anything from my present stint on planet earth, is to Know once and for all that we do not Know everything. I reckoned the quicker I learnt this dogma, maybe I would be spared from making my birthly visits on a continuous basis. Maybe, it will finally dawn on the One, that this one, Knows that she doesn’t know and she deserves a break. Don’t get me wrong. It isnt that bad. Just indulging my philosophical bone.

Unavoidable considering the circumstances we met in. Would turn anyone into a philosopher:) By now, all of you must have had it upto here, about how we met on the net and all of that. See, just goes to prove.. we really don’t know what we are in for, till we know we are in it, and get out of it, not in the way we know. Know? I mean No?

To get to the point, I am hopeful that we are going to create a few ripples if not a storm on Sachiniti. What say?

So, welcome again..

hail fellow, well met

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Kaveetaa and I met on the net.. a stormy beginning it was..

Yet when two people meet and sparks fly.. it is always a good sign as out of the sparks emerges a mellow fire that brings warmth and good feelings..

And then I have always held that nothing in life is fortuitous.. maybe this fiery beginning had to happen so that things could take off faster and grow.. I was deeply moved when Kaveetaa invited to write on her blog and told me I was the first to be asked..

I hope to be able to share my dreams and hopes for India, my admiration for its incredible women, my pride in the work I do and maybe sometimes my despair..

I am indebted to Kaveetaa for having helped me make a course correction in my twilight years: that of bringing the good things in the limelight and turning the spotlight on them.. something I always preach but sometimes fail to follow..

Before I end this first post i would just like to share a quotation from a woman I admire:

“I always introduce myself as an encyclopaedia of defects which I do not deny. Why should I? It took me a whole life to build myself as I am.”

Oriana Fallaci

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