November 27, 2008

Mumbai Under Seige By Cowardly Terrorists But..NEVER AGAIN (Sticky)


New face of todays terrorist. A jeans clad, mask less, young, vibrant, remorseless, 21 year old Ajmal Kasab presently captured and under arrest! Pic taken at VT station by Mr. Sebastaian D’souza, Mumbai Mirror photographer, in a bravura display, amidst gunshots and at great risk to life.

Updated: Anger is a luxury we cannot afford. Hopelessness an emotion we dare not feel. Forgetfulness a crime we cannot indulge in. I promise to keep this post as a sticky for one year henceforth so that neither me nor those who chance to visit my blog  ever forego the memory of the attack on us Mumbaikars in particular and Indians in general. In an effort to tabulate the developments as they occur, the direct fallout of public anger and action, Government changes will be recorded here. At the end of the year we will know at a glance just what our resurgence has accomplished.. Hope you are all ears Mr. Minister. We will survive despite you!

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Update 15th Dec’08: Bombay burns from within, yet. There is a semblance of calm. But scratch the surface and the wounds reveal, bleeding, raw, pernicious. We arent willing to and wont allow a forgetting of the incident..thank God for that! Media’s role in keeping the hurt alive cannot be spelled out enough. It has been more than a breaking news story. Thank god for that, again! trite as this may sound but the catatonic results of the attacks has most certainly been an awakening like never before. The common man has been shaken out of his reverie to realise what ‘ People Power ” actually connotes. One wailed long and often at how the average Muslim refused to vocalise his angst against the Islamic terrorist. Fundamentalists, right wingers, left, rebels, across the board have proven this time that Islam is not about fanatical killing and jihad is not about war on the innocents. One cannot elucidate enough how the sight of slogan shouting Muslims, their ire against the attacks clearly marked, did soothe strained relations which may have festered over the years. India seemed on the brink of Unity..once again. Vande mataram! The ultras intention backfired in all areas of conflict. Physical. moral, national and International.

Sanctions for a NSG commando force for Mumbai, adequate weaponry for the Police force and outposts for the Naval Command along the Coast are further measures instantly approved.

How do we deal with Pakistan? Should we believe their swearing of innocence and claims of victimisation on similar lines?  Is the clamp down on LEt and other nefarious groups genuine? Simply put is Pakistan responsible for the war on Bombay city? Are we willing to peel off the illusionist shades that create an opposing mirage of innocence? Too many contradicting scenarios that cloud sentiments.

Perhaps all we need now is a clear focus on securing our frontiers. Let us not permit a fallout of mis-governance on the part of our neighbours to spill over on our shores. Either they handle their bandits or summon our help!!


November 6, 2008

O Ma Send Us An Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

A long forgotten emotion held reign yesterday.Never before has one witnessed this kind of mass jubilation, frisson of euphoria, unadulterated joy than when Barack Obama won the race to become the 44th President of the US of A. Tv channels screening his victory speech captured not just the historical moment for posterity when the dream of Martin Luther King 40 years earlier saw fructification, but also captured the tears of joy, glistening with Hope..of a new America, of change, of renewed vigor to fight the challenges that so far seemed insurmountable. (more…)

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