March 30, 2009

Its Election Time = Tamasha Time

Kaveetaa Kaul

Published in Mumbai Mirror

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Perforce one is subjected to a media frenzy over politicians antics. Taking center stage once every five years the garrulous species having  sharpened their claws , honed their insolently obdurate personalities with well oiled platitudes and winning comments, they awaken each morning presumably armed to their teeth with practised machinations eagerly awaiting the glare of lights and the  whizz of a camera, while we the susceptible, confused, vulnerable often cynical audience watch on…(hopefully) unmoved. (more…)

November 6, 2008

O Ma Send Us An Obama

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

A long forgotten emotion held reign yesterday.Never before has one witnessed this kind of mass jubilation, frisson of euphoria, unadulterated joy than when Barack Obama won the race to become the 44th President of the US of A. Tv channels screening his victory speech captured not just the historical moment for posterity when the dream of Martin Luther King 40 years earlier saw fructification, but also captured the tears of joy, glistening with Hope..of a new America, of change, of renewed vigor to fight the challenges that so far seemed insurmountable. (more…)

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