August 29, 2006

May We..Teacher?

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Pratibha Naitthani, the self anointed custodian of our childrens morals, has filed a PIL against the telecast of Adult movies on television.

Ms. Naitthani is a teacher at St. Xaviers College-Mumbai

Her contention”My campaign is not only against nudity; it is against the Adult content, which includes both Violence and vulgarity, my whole effort is to make media safe for children and to get the law of the land implemented. The law says no Adult content on TV because we need to be sensitive to the sensibility of all the viewers including children.”

My contention” How can you assume that we are not responsible enough parents to monitor the viewing habits of our children? What statistics do you have to prove that it is adult movies which are responsible for warped psyches? What is your denotation of the term ‘vulgar’? How can you highhandedly presume that all viewers are children? Where was the consensus from the average viewer to file a PIL that essentially signifies an authoritarian, subjective, despotic, crusader mentality more than a zealous initiative to rectify perceived wrongs? Would a continuous stream of mythological serials and films aired , by the same logic, ensure a generation of spiritually awakened children?”

India’s bigoted censorship laws which are paradoxical, antiquated and anti-progressive, have received a fillip in the passing of this High court order which was at best only a re assertion of a law, not a statement on the validity of the contention.

Coercion should not be adopted as the tool for the path to riles, encourages rebellion and defeats the purpose. This measure, if anything is only going to encourage piracy, as dvd,s and cd,s are available for as little as Rs.5o. Censorship of any kind is innately detrimental since it pre-supposes that humans need an authority to pontificate on matters to do with their individual decisions. Apart from issues of national concern and security self -censorship is the only answer to ills that plague our society.

Raising the bar as citizens , exemplification through highlighting real life heroes, re-infusing values with renewed vigor and stringent punishment to crime will go a long way in providing a robust environment..Pil’s are a poor substitute and bitter pills to swallow.

This article by Anil Thakraney in Mumbai Mirror is a must read..hillarious


  1. agree in toto..desperate times

    Comment by dilip — August 29, 2006 @ 4:08 pm | Reply

  2. Total banning of adult movies is wrong. The timings could have been changed to late night. This is taking us back to ancient India. Mabe they were not as biased either, if the temple frescoes are kept in mind. What about serials? I find the portrayal of Indian women vulgar, cheap..wont children learn from there how a woman is to be treated or looked upon?

    Comment by neha — August 29, 2006 @ 7:39 pm | Reply

  3. @Dilip, Neha,

    This whole exercise seems frivolous and trivial. If we bring up kids right they will not give the issue any more importance than needs to be. By underlining, emphasising and focusssing on the ‘ohmigod, this is adult content’ we are contrarily drawing their attention to what they might have otherwise chosen to ignore.

    And what about the kid who yesterday jumped off a balcony emulating Krrissh???
    That wasnt adult fare and it did him great harm!! Its not possible to draw definitive lines in todays world. Its advisable instead to live around the problem than wish it away by these half baked measures.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — August 30, 2006 @ 12:18 pm | Reply

  4. These and other incidents such like make me thank my stars that I dont live in is infantile..censorship on t.v. is outdated. We live in a world where exposure to new ideas, newer vistas, fresh thinking is esssential part of growing up. By blocking it becoz of a womans bizarre take on morality is so weird!!Where will it all end???

    Comment by doublebarrel — September 3, 2006 @ 12:07 pm | Reply

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