August 24, 2006

Vande Mataram-Freedom To Refuse

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The recent uproar over the singing of Vande Mataram by Muslim clerisy had its origins in a Fatwa issued against it as far back as 12th June. While it had not created headlines then, it caught my eye and had written a post, re produced here. The ripple effect was bound to turn into a storm sooner or later..

Vande mataram..India accords its citizens the right to voice protest even against singing of a song denoting nationalistic fervour, intrinsic to the intention.

Does enforcement through political will constitute pontification? As much as refusal to sing it does!

Does the matter merit attention? If secularism needs to be re-defined-yes.


12th June’06
Islamic clerics have done it again! A fatwa has been issued against the singing of ‘Vande mataram’ by Muslim children.

Without indulging and succumbing to anger, outrage, revenge and retributive averments, let us attempt to make a balanced, unbiased assessment. (more…)

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