October 20, 2007

Aamir Khan Faisal Khan – Two Faces Of Fate (Updated)


Aamir Khan


A still from ‘Mela’ with Aamir and Faisal Khan .. Unfortunately life turned out to be less of a ‘mela’ ..more of a ‘melee’!


Kaveetaa Kaul

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Update 2nd Nov 07: As expected Aamirs family consisting of his wife Kiran rao and 21 other family members speak out in vehement aggression against Tahir Hussain and Faisal Khan..see update at bottom of post.


Piqued by the rather insouciant reportage of events that have engulfed the two brothers, Aamir Khan and Faisal Khan, one felt the need to elucidate lucidly on the tittle tattle that has been persistently chasing them this past week. Although news had been alarming yet one desisted from writing on the subject out of sheer sense of fairness and also to avoid further encumbrance towards normalisation/ solution to the rather tragic turn of events.


October 10, 2007

Blue Line Buses Of New Delhi Or Blood Line ?! (Updated)


Kaveetaa Kaul

For as many reasons one possibly garners to soothe oneself over the fact that we are Indian citizens , a hundred fold trigger off anger and disgust that we are in fact Indian citizens who either out of choice or compulsion are doomed to live in a country where the administration is totally oblivious of the problems faced by a common man. Whether you live in penury or die as a result of their corruption and apathy- is hardly an issue deserved of their time.

Shocking expose of reasons for the continuance of Blue line Buses on Delhi roads despite being on a murder trail since the beginning of the year leaves you numb, moreso after you preened on having seen and heard it all, along comes this revelation!

Mere commiserations to the victims and their families seem futile and painfully forced when tragedies that are man made occur with appalling regularity. (more…)

October 1, 2007

Oscar And Eklavya-Lost Before We’ve Won

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This is not a comment on ‘Eklavya’s fate at the Oscars. It is a lament on the pitiful rendering of what could have been and ought to be a national consensus.

The seriously deleterious goings on to do with the selection of ‘Eklavya’ as the official entry for Oscar 2007 has left a bitter taste in the mouth. (more…)

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