October 10, 2007

Blue Line Buses Of New Delhi Or Blood Line ?! (Updated)


Kaveetaa Kaul

For as many reasons one possibly garners to soothe oneself over the fact that we are Indian citizens , a hundred fold trigger off anger and disgust that we are in fact Indian citizens who either out of choice or compulsion are doomed to live in a country where the administration is totally oblivious of the problems faced by a common man. Whether you live in penury or die as a result of their corruption and apathy- is hardly an issue deserved of their time.

Shocking expose of reasons for the continuance of Blue line Buses on Delhi roads despite being on a murder trail since the beginning of the year leaves you numb, moreso after you preened on having seen and heard it all, along comes this revelation!

Mere commiserations to the victims and their families seem futile and painfully forced when tragedies that are man made occur with appalling regularity. (more…)

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