October 10, 2007

Blue Line Buses Of New Delhi Or Blood Line ?! (Updated)


Kaveetaa Kaul

For as many reasons one possibly garners to soothe oneself over the fact that we are Indian citizens , a hundred fold trigger off anger and disgust that we are in fact Indian citizens who either out of choice or compulsion are doomed to live in a country where the administration is totally oblivious of the problems faced by a common man. Whether you live in penury or die as a result of their corruption and apathy- is hardly an issue deserved of their time.

Shocking expose of reasons for the continuance of Blue line Buses on Delhi roads despite being on a murder trail since the beginning of the year leaves you numb, moreso after you preened on having seen and heard it all, along comes this revelation!

Mere commiserations to the victims and their families seem futile and painfully forced when tragedies that are man made occur with appalling regularity.

A case in point Blue Line Buses of Delhi who have uncaringly mowed down 97 innocent men, women and children since January this year in various accidents. It is as if a Saturnian Force Majeure has rendered impotent the Administration, Police Deptt. of New Delhi to have taken them off the roads or phased out their fleet at the first instance. But as is wont to occur , until and unless the numbers are not impressive ( even if they enumerate pedestrian deaths), action is limited to lip service. A catalyst is needed you see, for a reaction that might pre-empt change!

As expected there is MORE than meets the eye. Its not even mere lethargy or inaction that is the culprit. The shocking revelation of a nexus between traffic constables and contractors of the buses on one hand and the possibility of the actual owners and the Govt on the other creates a happy quadrant of involved parties all counting the booty at the end of the month, least bothered about the trail of blood it leaves in between.

Two shocking revelations which explain precisely why the Blue Line Bus drivers behave the way they do and why they are still plying or rather mowing the roads of Delhi in search of another innocent life to be crushed under their demonic wheels.

Mumbai Mirror Reports:

They ( bus drivers) actually pay good money to speed, tamper with the speed governors and drive even after drinking.

If you take a peek into any traffic officer’s diary, you will see a list of movie songs — Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayenge, Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain, Mera Dil Tera Ashiq ho Gaya — these are the codes used in the transaction.

How it works

The traffic officer chooses the tune of the month, listed in his diary. The bus driver is told the code of the month.

As the busdriver forks up the weekly bribe, the traffic cop completes the title of the song in his diary.

Hence the penchant for songs or movie names that can be broken into four words — one for each week.

Different areas of the city have different codes. While one traffic officer may work with movie songs, another, with a more mathematical frame of mind, works with numbers.

Here the number of the bus plays a crucial role. If the bus route number is 1931, this means the bribe will be collected on odd numbered days.

Or if the traffic officer is religiously inclined, the system adopted is that of stickers with religious slogans such as Jai Mata Di posted in the bus.

The system is so well organised that everyone in the business gets to know the code of the month well in time. No one encroaches on another traffic officer’s area and no bus driver has to pay more than once in a particular area. The code is all the protection he needs.

Q.E.D…n’ est pas?

Now to another scary insight.

The Blueline buses are somewhat like stray dogs: free to roam around anywhere they please, free to bite and kill and go into hiding whenever the dogcatchers/traffic squads come around.
And like stray dogs, they have no owners. Almost.
Most Blueline buses are run not by their owners but a class of people called contractor.

Inquiries revealed that contractors who pay a daily amount ranging from Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,500 to the bus owners named in the permits manage 2,600 of the 4,379 Bluelines plying on Delhi roads daily.

The employer/owner takes two-thirds of the daily earnings, leaving the rest for Kumar, which is not too little he insists. This is a good arrangement and they both like it. But it is illegal.

The transport department only recognises the owner and not the contractor. But officials also point out that many of those registered as owners are actually contractors fronting for well know politicians and officials.“It is not easy to differentiate between real and fictitious owners,” said Delhi transport minister Haroon Yusuf. His officials are talking to the traffic police on how to sort the situation. But expect nothing.

“If the transport department is facing the North Pole, traffic police is facing the South Pole and this is the real problem. Illegal contractorship can be finished within a week if there is effective patrolling,” Chetna, a non-governmental organization working on transport, told a state assembly committee earlier this year.

The practice is worrying officials because it is at the heart of the mess around Bluelines. The owners don’t run buses so they are not aware of what’s happening, what kind drivers are being used, good, bad or ugly.

The contractor’s only concern is the bottom line. The money must keep coming, no matter what. Even if some of the notes have a bit of blood on them. Just too bad someone came under a speeding bus. “Earnings from tickets, number of trips per day on the specified route and how many passengers to be allowed in each bus is my discretion, said Rajinder Kumar, another bus contractor.

Of course, he doesn’t care about anything else much. His drivers are under instructions to prevent rival service buses from overtaking or picking up that extra passenger. And DTC buses are paid to trail.
Under pressure from employers and contractors, drivers must set themselves a scorching pace. “Working without a break has caused severe pain in my back,” says a Blueline driver, Vinod Chauhan. “But I can bear it with tobacco during daytime and liquor in the evening,” Chauhan added. And in between are endless trips between terminals, death-defying chases for that extra passenger. And, of course, accidents.

The Delhi High Court Monday came down heavily on Blueline bus operators for the killing of innocent people by the bus drivers and said “the situation could not get worse than this”.

Summoning the government and private operators for an urgent hearing on the issue, a bench headed by Justices Mukul Mudgal and Reva Khetrapal termed the growing incidents of fatal accidents as “shocking”.

“It’s becoming shocking day by day and cannot get worse than this,” the bench said in reference to the accidents by privately owned Blueline buses.

The court also warned that it would withdraw all consideration shown to the Blueline buses, which have snuffed out at least 94 lives since January 2007.

“Now, we have to withdraw all directions in favour of Blueline bus operators,” the bench said after amicus curiae Anup Bhambani brought Sunday’s accident to the court’s notice.


Blood Line buses spell Blue murder I say!

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  1. Im glad u wrote abt this s*&^% happening on delhi roads. every other day there was a gruesome sight shown across all channels and the death of somebody.I was really wondering why at all are they still on the roads, well now it is clear and it is DISGUSTING.!!!Yeserday 15 people were driven on of which 7 died on the spot and eight are in hospital seriously injured…and yeah the driver is absconding. Blood line is CORRECT.. murderers!!

    Comment by Neha — October 10, 2007 @ 2:20 pm | Reply

  2. Blue Line Buses of New delhi or Blood Line!

    Shocking exposure of why the buses are on the roads even after killing 97 people this year.

    Trackback by — October 10, 2007 @ 2:36 pm | Reply

  3. Sheila dixit has been suggesting corporatisation for quite some time and elections are around the corner. This maze is not what it seems. there is definitely more than meets the eye. What if lives are being lost and sacrificed while politicians play their games is my worst fear.

    Comment by dilip — October 10, 2007 @ 10:40 pm | Reply

  4. Well put on the high court’s intervention. It is also worth noting that Sunday’s bus had one of the court-mandated “speed governors”, but it had been hacked and installed with a bypass button. I imagine this is par for the course, and is an almost perfect metaphor for the negotiated settlements that inevitably result from the collision of the Indian judiciaries well-meaning mandates and their targets.

    Comment by Aliskandar — October 11, 2007 @ 12:15 pm | Reply

  5. Good post.
    Where the politicians are profitting how can political will to change the current situation be present? Concern being showed presently is hogwash. Whatever is happening is with their consent!!

    Comment by Jatin Lall — October 11, 2007 @ 12:16 pm | Reply

  6. democracy has given us a lotta bandwidth to play with… and never was it an honest effort where the country n fellow citizens have been considered by any politics-monger… rather i would say, charity begins at home… where have we cared about ‘us’?
    where have we actually done something to stand together, show our solidarity? a jessica lal case or a mumbai blast n the whole country gets to sms polls, tv chats n articles plastered all over… n then by default some other issue takes over once the heat dissipates…
    the effervescent memory makes us so emotional to these incidents when we do not batter an eye lid before something.. anything that might have some detrimental effect on some other person…
    since how long do we know that the so called politicians all over live, breath and excrete money! how many such incidents before we would realize that police/law and judiciary can be magnetized with the money magic!
    i still remember the India Shining campaign @ TOI, even the feel-good post of yours.. but every single day has been the same since then… another year would fly by in two months time and all we have is euphoria over a bloated stock market and a T20 WC victory…
    i do not know if i can even be ashamed of what happened… but i have not made any difference and feeling bad about such cases lead to no change. its heart wrenching to see the snaps all over the news n media… n then hearing the public figures wash their hand off in smirk!! i feel helpless… maybe it would have been better if i were an uneducated villager, i would have a reason to hide behind ignorance but all i do.. is string in words n then feel bad till therez time to rub of the memories , gear up for another mockery of human values, ethos and life…

    to india, my native land… i am just ashamed – honestly.

    Comment by saptarshi — October 11, 2007 @ 1:48 pm | Reply

  7. Hi Neha.. I believe there were two separate accidents the same day. Just thinking aloud.. is this some kind of sabotage at play here? I mean there are a zillion other buses and vehicles not just in New Delhi but other metros with equally bad pedestrian civic sense and traffic. So why just Blue Line? The drivers also abscond.. are they being paid to create a furore by vested interests? Who knows!

    Hi Alex..The bypass button was another disturbing piece of information. Its befuddling really. What is their intention. Do the drivers opine they will get away scot free either because they will manage to abscond or that the powers behind them are strong enough to buffer their crimes? Its a mystery really. What do they gain? Is it merely for the thrill of speeding and getting away with it? Previous to this why has the rampancy of such accidents not been an issue? LIke I said earlier.. is it a staged gimmick at the cost of innocent lives. Politics is a dirty game and blood on ones hands is as if mandatory.

    Hi Jatin.. I agree totally.

    Hi Sapt.. I understand your anguish but do not agree with a major part of the comment. Have you read Sri Aurobindo and swami Vivekananda? This is not mean t to be like a a take off philosophically but contrarily to put across my point that NO action goes unnoticed or unaccounted for and summarily non reactionary in the Universe and the scheme of things.. verbal, non verbal, in the realm of ideas only.. there is a power a force we combine our energies with.

    There are areas where the common man cannot get into. We Cannot officiate the Blue Line administration..we cannot get them off the roads. But we can raise our voice.. which we are doing. There was an sms campaign by IBN 7 yesterday.. I sent quite a few. I would not like to trash my efforts or that made by another whether it is in the media, on a blog, in a party or in college. Each is showing involvement, and anger in his/her manner. What I am strongly against is INDIFFERENCE or the attitude that since we cannot effect change in a minute why bother at all? It has taken 60 years fo r the situation to get to this..can we expect metamorphosis in a day. If we do then it is we who are to blame not the efforts of those who’d prefer to chip away at a rusted system, dedicatedly, honestly, consistently and intently.

    WE should be ashamed if we stand back and see our country getting raped witha hangdog expression and ‘what can I do’ demeanour. But if we endeavour to put forth our protest show our disgruntlement and are in no way involved with the crime why should we shoulder it? I am not responsible for the criminal mindset of my neighbour. But if I encourage him, be silent and let it carry on regardless then I am a party to the crime.

    There is HOPE so long as we dont lose it. Change happens insiduously. When termites have infested every nook and corner, only a slow and steady, determined approach will help. raising your hands helplessly is unforgivable. if not in our lifetime maybe our children will get to see a better tomorrow. But I would hate to die feeling I could have played a role even if miniscule but I did not because I underestimated the Power of ONE.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — October 11, 2007 @ 2:17 pm | Reply

  8. DEMOCRACY IN INDIA : “Buy the people , fool the people and throw the people”

    Kaveeta , remember the reactions of media n people after India’s debacle in the WC 50-50 , how people(even media) reacted ..even mock funerals were conducted but when so many innocent people lose their lives in this fashion ,there is no reaction from public leaving the victim’s family members.Nothing much can be expected from corrupt politicians and Govt. Officials.It’s hightime our media,politicians and general public throw some light on more important issues than getting carried away with films & cricket.

    Comment by aneesh — October 11, 2007 @ 2:18 pm | Reply

  9. “And Terrorists arent just those who brandish weapons.. some drive buses!”

    O Yeah.. n some are politicians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by anon — October 11, 2007 @ 3:44 pm | Reply

  10. @sachiniti…

    u know, i more than agree… and.. as i cannot really express thru the abcd of this language, again.. i agree… but, as to how many times before there would be a change? are we really, as a nation, riding the high waves of growth/flourish/development/progress…?? we can try, ya again, as a common man, it is difficult to influence the modules of national machinery, but thatz where the collective noun is losing its importance! its not to say, who is trying to do what, and it is not to give in and give up… but again… it is about rise and shine. a concerted effort is needed.
    if there is consciousness then these little efforts would snow ball into the season of change – but how many of us really think? how many really bother to think and act different… my question is – on the macro level, people are hardly bothered, and there lies the devil… its a media story, its a political guffaw… at the cost of what? you would try.. but where are these efforts getting registered? its not collaborative, it is case basis..
    and when these common people only use the democratic garland to decorate such clowns @ governance, isnt it a dichotomy?? public money! public life! public emotion, all churned to create the magic portion that breeds these devils of democracy!!
    its not about what to do, rather it is a question about how many really bother n react to these national happenings?
    something has to be done, a massive change, might sound cliched or fanciful but still…. its time to go overdrive!

    Comment by saptarshi — October 11, 2007 @ 5:06 pm | Reply

  11. The India of the past was poor, hence everyone did whatever it took to survive (sadly at the expense of each other). Today India is relatively better off, nonetheless the State Wealth of India has just benefited the politicians. When this wealth percolates down to the grass roots level i.e. when a wealthy corporatised India starts pricing its various sectors in according to their contribution, we will see more responsibility. The trick is take everyone a step higher on Maslow’s Heirarcy.

    Other countries also were this unbearable during this cycle of their existence. India will get better too. Just wait and watch.

    Comment by Shaan Khan — October 11, 2007 @ 8:29 pm | Reply

  12. To police commissioner Dadwal – technology exists today to monitor every single blueline.

    To Minister Yusuf, proposal to put GPS in all buses is a part solution. As the worlds largest supplier of GPS I can say that GPS alone will not solve the problem.
    GPS will only tell that a vehicle is speeding. What is really required is the ability to monitor other behaviors: Rash driving, frequent lane changes, tailgating and high speed curves.

    Technology exists – if we are serious about solving the problem.

    Comment by Ashutosh — October 12, 2007 @ 10:24 am | Reply

  13. Hi Aneesh.. that majority of Indian citizens prefer to side step issues of the kind is a fact. Perhaps its also to do with the general state of their personal lives where everything seems a struggle already. They are therefore not inclined to participate even mentally with issues that bear relevance nationally. It may also have to do with the gnawing resentment at the back of their minds a the futility of an uproar. Though I personally consider this attitude defeatist. And Cricket.. well what can I say its like an opium..apart from religion.

    Btw .. I love your unique one liners 🙂

    Hi anon.. ha ha.. and if I may add

    some are policials ( police officials) as in this case where it is strongly rumored that the benami owners of Blue Line buses were high end police officers!! Set a thief to catch a thief.. wont apply.

    Sapt.. lets look at it this way. The culprits in this case, total number of drivers and owners of this fleet, are in four figures. Arent that many of us hugely incensed at the current scenario? Total number of politicians in the county synonymous with corruption are certainly not more than the number of Indians who are ready to fight back at the system. In a one to one , we will definitely prove to be serious contenders. So why does one have to suspect a collective majority absence? Its not about numbers sapt.. is about the degree of participation that each puts in.

    If you have been following the news on national channels you will see the uproar has almost brought Sheila Dixit to ground zero. She had to eat her words and was quite a sorry sight in the cross questioning with Arnab Goswami yesterday. It was as if hed read this post and was questioning her relentlessly. That is not to imply that I am being pompous.. but that energy finds its synthesis. This post my stats show has been linked to various sites like Indian Pad, etc and is widely read. Mood of bloggers is a clear mirror of the mood of thinking populace of India and WE Matter!!

    Hi Shaan.. Maslows Hierarchy though logistically appropriate, yet if one was to apply its principles to Indians, it fails. Hunger and deprivation is as if genetically programmed into the majority that reaching spiritual heights as if speeds up and is at the bottom of the pyramid as in almost achievable. Maslow certainly has never been to India. We are fatalistic to a fault..I never for a moment doubt that India is on its way to glory.

    The impediments are dappled far too prominently and too frequently. Complete lack of patriotism and national fervour on the part of our Powers is reason number ONE. They are self serving, crooked, ignorant humans who have shorn an average Indian of his national pride and trust in his fellow men. It angers me so much I almost give up typing and take a pause each time.

    Ashutosh..absolutely. The point is the drivers are insolent, because they are not ever made to feel answerable. I cannot think of a single instance where a citizen will intentionally take on the wrath of police unless he is convinced he can get away with it. Deterrents are absent and so is discipline.

    I am certain Dadwal knows of the technology. Its just that turning a Nelsons eye to painful truths which can embarrass the Deptt is a talent our Powers inculcate the day the don their uniforms.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — October 12, 2007 @ 12:37 pm | Reply

  14. Drawing attention to an interesting blog on Traffic in Delhi:
    The link is:

    Comment by Manzur Husain — October 12, 2007 @ 3:18 pm | Reply

  15. Kav

    Not too long ago China and most countries in SE Asia also suffered from the same problems. China still has hunger and poverty. These problems over time and with steady progress can be defeated. Today India has made as much gain as it could possibly make thanks to education (Thank you Mr. JLN). China has made a similar gain also (i.e. due to good education), but thanks to an amazing infrastructure China has made additional gains. Logically, India’s next leap will be via improvement in its infrastructure (roads, rails, communication etc etc). While both China and India will make it to the top echelon only if they make open up their society and make it free and fair to all (including those who may aspire to immigrate into these countries). Unless China and India embrace the principals of equal freedom and justice for all (as it is in USA) the progress will sooner or later stop. No country can be the top dog without freedom and equality.

    As I have said before India’s problems are symptomatic of it ecomonical condition. As the economy improves, problems will slowly disappear. As Indian those who want to see progress should embrace guys like Mukesh Ambani and shun the socialist and the communist.

    Comment by Shaan Khan — October 12, 2007 @ 6:38 pm | Reply

  16. Shaan,

    I cannot boast of having intensive information on Chinas economic reforms but the little that I do know speaks of tremendous progressive efforts on the part of the Govt to get its machinery greased and rolling which implies the beaten to death term’political will’ so conspicuously missing in India. If China can do it.. we can, maybe better. We lack in nothing, not natural resources, human skills, etc. Infrastructural problems you mention are again easily solvable but are presently in a state of neglect.

    Equal freedom and justice for all, is the result of a progressive is a positive after effect of economic growth as I see it and not the other way round. WE need heroes, statesmen and thinkers working in congruence with dedicated doers. I agree on the Ambani brothers reference but their lack of philanthropic or lets say obviously socialistic stance is on hold. I imagine it is en route but definitely not high on their list of priorities. Here I do not rule out the stumbling blocks perhaps artificially and intentionally created by the Govt for obvious reasons.

    We dont have to shun socialism and communism especially keeping our demographics and size in mind, but yes they cannot be the forerunners in Indias race to economic relevance globally, but perhaps relay runners when needed.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — October 13, 2007 @ 1:09 pm | Reply

  17. China’s experiement with Capitalism started with its armed forces. Even at the height of communism it gave its armed forces the freedom to craete wealth by any means possible to finance itself. After tasting the success brought by capitalism and the utter failue of communism, China turned pockets of its country into capitalist islands. My point is that India’s recovery will not begin till communism is shunned at all levels. On the road to recovery, the next steps will be infrastructure development, but ultimately will have to be the loud and clear ringing of the liberty bell.

    Comment by Shaan Khan — October 13, 2007 @ 6:11 pm | Reply

  18. In what context is ‘liberty’ being referred to Shaan? I am a lil confused.We arent really explicitly bound Indians but implicitly , most certainly. We are free to create wealth so long as the lions share goes to you know who. Is that what you mean? If that is so then China isnt enjoying green pastures either. I just read of Chinas predicament as far as corruption goes.. and the amount runs into billions of dollars.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — October 13, 2007 @ 8:17 pm | Reply

  19. Take USA for instance. People from the world over bring their capital and their labor over to USA because capital & labor in USA is safe and is appreciated. There is equal justice for all. There is equal accountability too. It is hard to suppress anyone and get away with it. Very few people (except the bad guys) live a fear. Everyone is free to be what they want to become. This is freedom, this is the state of “liberty”. No politician controls our destiny, we control it through our deeds. The color of our skin does not matter as much as the content within our skins. Race and religion are meaningless compared to merit. In USA the person who arrived on the Mayflower is equal to the person who arrived just a few years ago.

    All the above did not happen by accident. It is by choice. USA reached here thanks to the sacrifices and vision of their forefathers. No nation, no matter how its its education system, no matter how good it infrastructure, no matter how goods its law and order can become the top dog nation or even sustain a decent economy without embracing this state of liberty.

    I hope and wish China, India and the entire world embraces this freedom and liberty. A flourishing world wide economy will make wars redundant and hunger and poverty absent. Transportation under those conditions will work and roads will be safe.

    Comment by Shaan Khan — October 14, 2007 @ 8:52 am | Reply

  20. @ kav..

    well, i see the optimism n all the ideas that this would work out but then.. can u gimme a time frame?? with all the neo-educated politiko and the people with the principles of education n all the theories… wat has changed?? how long before there would be something that wud really tell u.. india has changed much more than the exchange rates n the cliched financial/economic terms tat seem greek n latin.. in such clouded times… the ludhiana blasts.. how many miles before we stop??

    i also wanna say that this would change the face of the country… but well…. i don see any progress in the rite direction… and lets be realistic… do we have a plan?? do we know watz the weapon of change??

    its grim.. just that.. and everyday, its greeting us all on the page-1 of newspapers…

    Comment by saptarshi — October 17, 2007 @ 6:43 am | Reply

  21. Saptarsi

    In that case (based on your comment) what should we do ?

    1. Smoke dope and protest in incomprehensible ways. 🙂
    2. Promote more socialism and communism in India (i.e. the very things that have crippled India).
    3. (kuchh kariye – 2) nas nas meri khole, haay kuchh kariye
    (kuchh kariye – 2) bas bas bada bode, abb kuchh kariye
    ho koi toh chal zidd phadiye, tu bidarayiye ya mariye – 2
    chak de ho chak de india – 4, (i.e. Install free market economy. Reject liecence Raj. Bring in competition).

    Comment by Shaan Khan — October 17, 2007 @ 7:59 pm | Reply

  22. Sorry Neha, a YRF song was very needed at this crucial junction.

    Comment by Shaan Khan — October 17, 2007 @ 8:01 pm | Reply

  23. Your blog is nice. I think you should add your blog at and let more people discover your blog. It’s a great place for Indian bloggers to be in and I am sure it would do wonders for your blog.

    Comment by Kiran — October 19, 2007 @ 11:02 am | Reply

  24. Hi Guys..Its the time of the year when one willy nilly gets sucked in to the festivities and oblations to Mother Goddess and I find myself going along joyfully, piously and with faith… despite my Vippassana bent of mind et al.. well.. some things are best left unexplained. BTW this was to explain my absence on the site 🙂


    You said “All the above did not happen by accident. It is by choice. USA reached here thanks to the sacrifices and vision of their forefathers.”

    That is exactly my point.. you can substitute forefathers with ‘administrative powers’ presently. Since vision if not implemented and executed remains in the realm of illusions.

    Indias forefathers had a vision.. JN did..but the later crop of politicos till date had an agenda entirely their own. There is no limit to what can be accomplished in India.. it seems graspable..yet when we delve on the immediacy of unsurmountable roadblocks, the dream vanishes. WE NEED a Father of the Nation today.. we are orphans at the moment.

    Hey sapt.. depends on what you are including in the ambit of ‘change’. WE have to understand that nations are made of human beings and they seldom change or any different the world over. If you are expecting an India where newspapers will all of a sudden just become harbingers of Ram rajya kinda stories, we are expecting the moon. Leaving aside human foibles on the national front I would say Shaan is right. We do need a competition and capitalism that promotes it/ supports it.

    WE dont need change Sapt.. at least not in its accepted connotation. We need to make progress. Therefore we dont require weapons of change but Brahma Astras that spell cutting through corruption and leading the path to economic glory. At the bottom of it all lies ‘political will’ but somehow I feel that can be circumvented.. hasnt Mukesh achieved the impossible?

    Lets be fair of the progress we have achieved.. Telecom, computers, retail, pharmaceuticals, consumer name a few. Progress on these fronts is up by leaps and bounds. Even a decade ago, life was different. Today the resurgence is apparent..

    btw.. how is your pujo going ? I went to ramakrishna ashram in santacruz usual.. I love that place.. its my heaven on earth..on pujo days they have a dazzling Mother vision .. it was lovely.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — October 19, 2007 @ 12:40 pm | Reply

  25. India already has dynamic leaders, Mukesh Ambani, Adi Chopra, Azim Premji, Sunil Mittal, SRK, Dilip Sanghvi, K Jo, Naresh Goyal ….. What India needs is to end the influence of dinosaurs that have crippled its progress. Workfare is the best welfare. Support leaders that make the economy grow and create jobs not those that limit liberty and make taxes grow.

    Comment by Shaan Khan — October 19, 2007 @ 6:53 pm | Reply

  26. Shaan.. with some of the names above.. you are joking right? You often are so sane and then suddenly you go off tangentially into the zone of psychocism(?)Is this some kind of compulsive obsessive disorder ? 🙂

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — October 19, 2007 @ 7:07 pm | Reply

  27. I am sure I know which names you are referring to but before you do a Anurag Kashyup on me, bear in mind that those guys have literally expanded the base of their industry. Brought in a new vision (business vision), designed a new paradigm, upgraded the infrastructure. Most people in that industry are merely cloning their efforts. They are merely duplicating their efforts. India needs those names in very industry of hers. They make India progress. No Kav darling, I am very serious about this.

    Comment by Shaan Khan — October 19, 2007 @ 8:07 pm | Reply

  28. Do an anurag kushyup on you? sorry couldnt quite get the inference.. what did he do to you/on you ?

    ‘Expanding’would be more appropriate in this context if used Nationally or rather inclusive on areas/industries at a macro level. As for ‘them’ I feel they could have reached greater heights. Their potential has been misdirected or rather perhaps they have been misguided. Their best is yet to come.. maybe..a lil more passion fo the craft and dedication to making films for the love of it is what can serve as a beacon.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — October 19, 2007 @ 8:52 pm | Reply

  29. “Don’t do a…” is an expression. The person in question as expected from a insecure envious bloke that he is said something about someone, all I was sayingrequesting is not to repeat that. But “Don’t do a ..” is just an figue of speech. For example, right after Britaany was could getting into a car without some essential clothing item, one would say “Don’t do a Brittany Spears on me” as a joke to a companion when getting into a car.

    On your comment, yes they could have reached for more. But this can be said at all time to everyone. The fact is they did what was undreamable before. I don’t worry about the last mile. I worry about the main journey.

    How is your movie coming along ?

    Comment by Shaan Khan — October 19, 2007 @ 9:18 pm | Reply

  30. Dang!! how you underestimate my sense of humor!! its like doing a Peter sellers on me Shaan.. I merely exploited an opportunity to play with words..’on you’ came with a wink 😉

    my movie.. you mean script?.. I’m stuck at a point.. sigh.. and I always imagined I was a genius 😦

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — October 19, 2007 @ 9:24 pm | Reply

  31. @ kav..

    back home after 5 yearz.. durga pujo at its best@ calcutta… well… not sleeping, only pandal hopping n catching up with frnds from school… too much of a happyness arnd to really attune to the questions u have asked.. wud get back with an answer.. for now.. my best wishes to you and ur family n all the people for/of/by sachiniti… have a great navratri/durga pujo!! have fun 🙂

    Comment by saptarshi — October 20, 2007 @ 2:50 am | Reply

  32. […] line buses… we’ve had so much going on in the media recently. Kaveeta Kaul reacts and presents her analysis of the […]

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  33. Shaan @22.. y r u explaining to me ’bout y you quoted the song from CDI.. you can link up the film here will it matter to me? btw I loved its ok..had no clue bout the lyrics but know them by heart or vot!!

    Comment by Neha — October 20, 2007 @ 2:01 pm | Reply

  34. Neha that is because previously you had made some remark about my praising YRF

    Comment by Shaan Khan — October 21, 2007 @ 8:00 am | Reply

  35. […] you know what .. What about my feelings? It hurts my sensibilities when Blueline buses CONTINUE to mow down people day after day and they are not banned. When politicians exploit women and get them murdered, aka Madhumani and more follow suite. When […]

    Pingback by Aaja Nachle..Dancing To Mayawatis Tunes « Sachiniti — December 1, 2007 @ 4:37 pm | Reply

  36. The number of victims of Private Buses is increasing continuously. Do you think that dead people are the only victims of private buses! Then answer is no. Most of the people who died belong to lower or middle class families. All who died were some one father, son, brother or husband. Did these bus drivers ever think about this that they are not killing one person only but their family along with him? On daily basis we read in newspapers that private buses have killed this much people but we are not doing anything and most of the time we do not read such type of news in the newspapers unless and until we are part of this misery.

    Most of the victims are from working class who were actually bread earner for their families. Did these drivers ever think about their families after their death? This is pathetic that drivers rather than taking accident victims to hospital abscond immediately. If they start taking injured victims to hospital than number of dead victims would be very less. Moreover if they surrender immediately in police station that means they are admitting their mistake (which has ruined others life). Unfortunately it never happens, after accident drivers abscond immediately but innocent victims’ family has to go through many formalities. They have to send dead bodies of their dear brother, father, son etc for post-mortem. Can you imagine that pain when one of your family members just left house within half an hour you are receiving news of his/her death. Moreover sometimes it takes more than a day to receive dead body from police and hospitals. Still this is not the end of pain.

    First of all, victim’s family members go to police station for number of times and then court for case proceedings. Some times it takes more than a year from police to file case in court like FIR No-85/07 of Tilak Marg police station is now more than 10 months old however it is yet not filed in court while victim family member has already visited police station so many times.

    That was police inquiry if we talk about court then nobody knows end of court case. It takes number of years, number of judges gets changed but no one can say anything about the end of court case. Normally it takes nine-ten years for court decision but still nobody give a thought that how victims family would be surviving. Moreover courts decision comes under section 304 which usually do not give more than 6 month imprisonment to drivers. Is it a right decision?

    That was the one side of coin, do we ever think that why private buses meets maximum number of accidents! there are number of reasons like poor state of buses, untrained drivers, wrong driving practice, racing with other buses ,letting helpers to drive bus, driving after taking liquor, try to dominate road, start driving while passengers getting down from buses etc…

    Most of the bus drivers consider light motor vehicles very negligible and do not care about them. Today all drivers are using absconding as a best way of escaping due to which it is difficult to find whether he was drunk or not?

    It really does not matter to them that they have taken somebody’s life and they start driving after some time again.

    We should shame on our system that even not following speed governor and driving rules, drivers are getting punished under section 304 which normally gives 6 months imprisonment to drivers. If these court cases start giving decisions in short duration and this rash and negligent driving offence turns into murder offence and punishment change into lifetime imprisonment or to hang, then who would dare to violet traffic rules. Moreover we all know this fact that rash and negligent driving leads to accident but still it’s a bail able offence.

    Our government understands this point that these private buses are important for our transport system but they also need to understand that people driving light vehicles or walking are also their responsibility. It’s a high time to bring some big changes in our system.

     All motor accidents claim tribunal and state cases must give decisions in a short period.
     Immediate monetary help must be provided to victims’ family.
     Section 304 must be converted into section 302 for these private buses.
     All the absconded drivers must be punished strictly.

    Comment by Vishal Sharma — March 5, 2008 @ 10:15 am | Reply

  37. agree in toto.
    It is devastating to witness these road murders carrying on regardless of the uproar and protest!!

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — March 6, 2008 @ 8:01 am | Reply

  38. […] Sachiniti like most of us is disgusted at the corruption that allows the killing spree to continue unabated. Read here. […]

    Pingback by The out of control Blueline menace | DesiPundit — December 27, 2008 @ 6:16 pm | Reply

  39. If minister’s daughters/sons kill by blue line than definately sheel dixit take some action,..

    Comment by rakesh — March 7, 2009 @ 2:44 pm | Reply

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