November 7, 2009

Perfect Bride: Dulhan Wohi Jo Saas Man Bhaaye


If one withers with doubt at the veracity of the axiomatic truth stated in the header, all one needs to do is watch the episodes of  ‘Lux Perfect Bride’ on Star plus every day at 10.30 p.m. I say this with special reference to the quagmire faced by a contestant Gurpreet and her motherpecked would have been hubby Yashdeep, as also Hitesh and his highly potentate Mom.

One would have imagined that times have changed, what with live in relationships a boring reality that evinced hardly an upraised eyebrow, women opting for adopting kids even before matrimony, pre marital sex a humdrum activity, so it was only natural that choice of a bride would be the sole decision of the would be groom. Ach No!! far from true. It was never dulhan wahi jo piya man bhaaye…not in the hinterlands.

What bemused me was the fact that the girls in this programe chose their grooms , sans family and familial pressures. They participate unaccompanied. Hence, they play the fiddle and they faced the music alone. Boys however, entered with their umbilical cords intact, tied to maternal aprons et al. Funny na!!

You see never was truth more plainly evident as with the witnessing of this scenario. Girls had moved up quite a few notches in taking responsibility and subsequent hold over their life and its consequences while boys.. will be kids forever. Mama dear knows best!! You love me love my mom…and we can skip along merrily into holy matrimony only if she loves you in return baby..or then Hard Luck. Kyunki Mummyji saas banegi ..and that is not a fallout but the raisond’etre of marriage.. Ask Yashdeeps mom. Wow that woman and her dialogues need to be recorded, archived for eternity as exemplary model of a mother capable of plotting and planning even the honeymoon agenda/schedule/itinerary of her beta to see that she is maujood in every frame ..Saas jo saans na lene de!!

A huge pat on the back for some female contestants who are sailing along this reality show without any trace of being enveloped in a contretemps, no hint of hesitation or befuddlement at being the focus on National television. No embarassment at openly airing their options, in full media glare, playing games when required, coy when needed. Todays woman and her spirit has invaded the interiors of India..Hurrah!! may her tribe increase.

The point is that there seems to be a harmonious balance between modernity and a healthy respect for tradition and culture. I havent witnessed any stepping out of line by the girls. That does not mean that they are ready to be reduced to the doormat status of days gone by.

Where does this leave our boys?? In a state of utter confusion, perplexed. dazed into submission. Not willing to begin an acrimonious debate with their Moms, therefore unable to take a stand, many a potential relationship has bitten the dust since saas maange bahu, beta maange patni..and looks like never the twain shall meet.

The smartest cookie from the girls is the highly self congratulatory Puja Tandon. Her light eyes were enough for all to bring about an Aishwarya Rai comparison. She is here to win the title, not a hubby. If that isnt clear as day to all, then re think. I dont know if this is a dichotomy intentionally posited by the channel or one that has been interwoven by Puja and her well fed Mom. Is this a programme that wishes to point out a perfect bride for a future husband or is it one that zeroes in on a bride with a hubby by the end of the show? Do not know.

Riteshs mother has promised herself that her son will have a TV wedding!! All her moves are geared to that. Next the Chauhan family will participate on a realty show that has contestants airing Tv delivery of the first child!! I mean how far is one ready to go for a few months of national glare for Gods sake. Puja nahin, Rumpa sahi..woh nahi to aur sahi!! Poor Hitesh, he lives in the false reflected glory of his mother totally oblivious to the sorry state his life has been reduced to.

Priyanka Sharma after being the chosen on by Rajveeer, has reached a position of great power. He was the best looking and most eligible, so by default Priyanka gains maximum credibility. Her blushes are genuine and his romance real. By far the best couple..

To conclude, Mama brigade is yet on the pinnacle of power!! Saas Zindabad!! The way to a mans heart is through his mothers stomach girls!! At least for the next decade. No wonder brides burn and new ones are brought in.

You see..Pappu can dance his Moms tunes.



  1. Ahh..der aaye durust aaye..Couldnt agree more with what you said. especially yashdeeps mom..she belongs to the museum. I couldnt believe that nandita that Doc agreed to marry him. And yeah these small town babes are hip. No sharam waram..

    Comment by Neha — November 7, 2009 @ 5:26 pm | Reply

  2. And now this..Pooja Tandon is actually an actress in Punjabi films!! How come Shekhar hasnt spoken of this on the serial especially since he brought up Rajveer and Priyankas past?? Strange. So my hunch is right. She is here to win a title and be seen on national television. The programe was only a springboard.

    Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — November 7, 2009 @ 7:27 pm | Reply

  3. thanks for the khoj K…i giggled seeing it again. You know this is one of the reasons why I stay away from the M word. The bigger M frightens me.. MOTHER IN LAW. Puja an actress..ohhh. now I know why she could really act in that acting round. My god..she is merely using everyone. Baap re..

    Comment by Neha — November 7, 2009 @ 8:37 pm | Reply

  4. Frankly,it is a waste of time watching such serials.
    Did you notice that most of those being discussed are Punjabis??????

    Comment by B K CHOWLA — November 8, 2009 @ 6:46 pm | Reply

    • Namaskar Chowla ji. Frankly, this particular reality show caught my fancy since it was like a microcosm reflecting the macro sub culture of Modern India. It was really interesting to analyse and dissect how much we have progressed in our interpersonal relationship management vis a vis marriage proposals. When one lives in mega cities like Mumbai one is bound to feel a tad cut off from ground realities of towns and the prevalent mindset. Therefore I found myself hooked with this strange, sometimes bizarre but real world. And Punjabis?? Most of them yes..not the girls I think except for Puja Tandon.

      Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — November 9, 2009 @ 7:05 pm | Reply

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