January 27, 2006


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Hi ,

What you will get to read here is a slice of life with a tinge of philosophy, a hint of spirituality, a large dollop of compassion and love for all fellowkind, (leaving out the badmash and mean )and humor, as and when appropriate.Feel free to write in , keeping in mind courtesy..or you will be booted out.

Topic for the day is ‘Women and their changing scenario’. Are we really progressing or digressing.? Were our mothers and grandmothers better off? I dont mean financially, but peace-of-mind manner. Are we a good example to our daughters? Have we put our innate selves at stake, in the name of ‘freedom of expression’? Are we not nurturers primarily? Does this role suffer as a result of our decision to take on the mantle of ‘provider’ as well? Will the scale tilt in favour of “housewives’ sooner than expected? Or is there a possibility of the term ‘househusbands’ becoming a truism on a large scale?

These are questions which can trigger off responses which can be varied and therefore glean the picture clearer and magnified..

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