October 20, 2007

Aamir Khan Faisal Khan – Two Faces Of Fate (Updated)


Aamir Khan


A still from ‘Mela’ with Aamir and Faisal Khan .. Unfortunately life turned out to be less of a ‘mela’ ..more of a ‘melee’!


Kaveetaa Kaul

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Update 2nd Nov 07: As expected Aamirs family consisting of his wife Kiran rao and 21 other family members speak out in vehement aggression against Tahir Hussain and Faisal Khan..see update at bottom of post.


Piqued by the rather insouciant reportage of events that have engulfed the two brothers, Aamir Khan and Faisal Khan, one felt the need to elucidate lucidly on the tittle tattle that has been persistently chasing them this past week. Although news had been alarming yet one desisted from writing on the subject out of sheer sense of fairness and also to avoid further encumbrance towards normalisation/ solution to the rather tragic turn of events.

However Zeitgeist and for the purpose of placing events in perspective so as not to obdurate conclusions based on nescience, an attempt is being made to clarify the sequential stream of events.

Faisal Khan, Aamirs kid brother living in the shadow of the dizzy heights of success achieved by Aamir, was reported missing by his mother Zeenat and sister Nikhat Khan. Faisal was found in Lonavala, at a farm he allegedly has bought for the purpose of goat rearing. Wondering what the brouhaha is about? All of this seems pretty innocuous doesnt it? Oftentimes things are never what they appear to be.


Faisal Khan , as averred by his family, is suffering from schizophrenia and was undergoing medical treatment at their residence. Faisal and his lawyers reacted to this as a noisome allegation and insist that he is being framed.

He was produced in Court a few days later with his lawyer who responded thus:

Faisal’s advocate S A Wasid told TOI, “He had sent a letter to the Khar police on October 12 stating that he is leaving his house as he wants to be on his own. The family then filed a missing person complaint case on October 13 with the same police station.” Wasid added, “Faisal’s father, who was asked to be in court, refused to attend it alleging that if he does so his financiers will withdraw from helping him for his next film.

Incidentally Faisal and Aamirs father Tahir Hussain has re married and is now living separately with his second wife. Normalcy is a rarity in that household…unfortunately.

However it is pertinent to point out here that paranoid schizophrenia is a condition that is treatable and is NOT akin to being ‘mad’ or ‘unstable’ as scream the headlines of Msm stories.

Wiki quotes: a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental illness characterized by impairments in the perception or expression of reality, most commonly manifesting as auditory hallucinations, paranoid or bizarre delusions or disorganized speech and thinking in the context of significant social or occupational dysfunction.

Contd.. Living in an urban environment has been consistently found to be a risk factor for schizophrenia.[51] Social disadvantage has been found to be a risk factor, including poverty[52] and migration related to social adversity, racial discrimination, family dysfunction, unemployment or poor housing conditions.[53] Childhood experiences of abuse or trauma have also been implicated as risk factors for a diagnosis of schizophrenia later in life.[54][55] Parenting is not held responsible for schizophrenia but unsupportive dysfunctional relationships may contribute to an increased risk.[56][57]

Tell tale I would think also a warning.

Faisal insists that his brother Aamir has forcibly kept him captive and had been ingesting him with medication to ‘make him mad’ which is typical remark of a schizophrenic patient. Remember Parveen Babi and her hallucinations and fears ? ‘Woh Lamhe’ was based on her life and so is a ‘ A Beautiful Mind’ the story of Nobel Prize winner Nash.

The rather pugnacious stand by Tahir Hussain has taken one by surprise.

In the rather public and increasingly ugly battle between his actor sons, Tahir Hussain on Friday sided with Faisal Khan and blamed Aamir and his wife, Kiran, for creating a rift in the family.

Talking exclusively to Mumbai Mirror, Tahir supported Faisal’s charge that Aamir has been force feeding him medicines for paranoid schizophrenia when he has no such medical condition. Tahir also declared that Faisal would now stay with him and not with Aamir.

A court in Bandra will decide on Faisal’s custody on Friday. The case is likely to be heard at 9.30 am. Aamir, who maintains Faisal needs medication for paranoid schizophrenia, has also sought his custody.

Breakdown of the family structure, self above all else, lax moral values, un propitious emotional environment, seems to be the rule more than the exception in our present environs. This is not meant to convey that paranoid schizophrenia is a necessary fallout, but certainly in cases where the symptoms of this ill fated disease are present, conditions enumerated above which deny comity will be strongly observed.

Privacy in the matter would have been ideal for the family already burdened with tragedy and stress. However ..

Stardom is an albatross rarely shakable.

One has to be a sardonic raconteur to revel in this tale. I have met Faisal on a few occasions. He was charming, lively with a bright, contagious smile. We are neighbors., so to speak.. live in the same locality. I could never have even remotely, imagined this sudden reversal of circumstances. It saddens, even if it is a vicariously experienced emotion.

Its uncanny really. On 14th October I had added on my vodpod alongside, the song from ‘jo jeeta wahi sikandar’ ..’rooth ke humse kabhi jab chale jaoge tum’ a hauntingly soulful composition which was filmed on the love between two brothers featuring Aamir Khan. On 17th October, news first streaked in of Faisals disappearance. The emotion in the song was so palpable..or is it illusion?

“What fates impose, that men must needs abide; It boots not to resist both wind and tide.”

William Shakespeare

Update 31st Oct07 : Its unfortunate that life has placed a son and father in such an opposing stance that both are now exposing private details which are rather embarassing. Aamir Khan for the first time speaks out against his father via the response in his affidavit:

• To my understanding my father is on the verge of becoming insolvent. He is incapable of looking after Faisal financially or emotionally.

• Throughout my brother’s treatment, my father has not made any effort to even meet the doctors treating Faisal.

• If my father is saying that Faisal is of ‘sound mind’ then where is the question of him getting my brother’s custody.

Sordid to say the least. meanwhile later today the Courts will give out the verdict on Faisals condition.

Update 3.14 p.m: Doctors have confirmed through their medical reports that Faisal Khan indeed is suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia and in need of medical attention. Aamirs stand has been vindicated. Unfortunately Tahir Hussain has declared on national television that ‘ Aamir mera nalayak beta hai…woh mujhe baap nahin maanta main bhi usse beta nahin maanta”.. A family feud so ugly that is being talked about at every ‘nukkad’ now.

Reminded of those unforgettable lines

“kabhi kisiko muqammal jahaan nahin milta

kahin zameen toh kahin aasman nahin milta”

Update 5.00p.m: The court has allowed the application of Faisal Khan to be heard and his averments be taken into consideration. A rather surprising development keeping in mind Faisals mental state. Faisal categorically refused to stay with Aamir Khan or his mother. He accused aamir of mistreating him, keeping him prisoner and forcing him to take medications.

Perhaps considering that Faisal condition would worsen if the situation was aggravated and he was compelled to live with Aamir, the court decided to temporarily for a month hand over custody of Faisal to his father Tahir Hussain.

Tahir Hussain and his second wife made some rather obtuse statements on camera. They both accused Aamir of being mentally unstable, of torturing Faisal and also implying that Aamir sabotaged Faisals career for fear of being overshadowed by Faisals talent. Now that is insane.

To me the courts decision is wisened and mature. For one, faisal has to report to J.J.Hospital every 14 days since his illness has been proven. Second it is not easy to look after a patient and soon a financially challenged Tahir Hussain will begin to feel the pinch.Thirdly in all probability Faisal will soon begin distrusting Tahir and his adopted siblings as well as is wont to occur in this ailment.

Aamirs quiet dignity and silence has spoken out loud and clear. His willingness and sincerity in looking after his brother is more than evident.

Sadly what is also evident is the fact that a weak patriarch almost always leads the family to ruination. Tahirs second marriage, Aamirs second marriage, Aamirs sister Nikhats third marriage and a rather pitiable figure of Zeenat Aamirs mother who has lost her husband and son with one stroke of fate speaks of a family un moored and struggling against the storms of life.

It not fair to put blame on a single individual but what comes to mind is the tragedy that what should have been a family decision over the well being of a sick son was thrown into the hands of an impersonal judge. This rather pitiful turn of events did not deter Tahir Hussain from mouthing undesirable/malicious/pungent statements against his son Aamir. His stubborn denial of Faisals condition speaks of an unbalanced and immature elder. Sad!

Update 2nd Nov’07 : When a family member has contiguously performed his duies responsibly and is the rewarded with accusations and ridicule as was the case , an outburst was imminent. The entire family of Aamir has shown solidarity with him and given a public statement.

This was expected though not desirable. The average citizen had imbibed the core essence of this issue. By now prolonging the issue via clarifying his stand the mud slinging continues. Now aamir has completely washed his hands off Faisal Khan and in retribution expects that his father Tahir Hussain shoulders responsibility for Faisal which will in the long run be detrimental to Faisals health is what one envisages.

Aamir ought to have continued to show restraint and maturity that he had so far exemplified. But family pressure, maybe his wife Kiran probably inciting a reactionary stance has led to this new development. Not needed in my view. It negates, neutralises all that aamir has done so far. Why is it important to keep elucidating on your position? After all ” Yeh duniya agar mill bhi jaaye to kya hai”

With Aamir , his mother and sisters constrained to keep their well intentioned concern to themselves, Faisal Khan imo stands to lose the most.

Update 14th Nov : As predicted Faisal Khan has moved out of his father Tahir Hussains residence as well, where he had been ordered to stay for a month. But within a couple of weeks he is out of there.He is now living alone in Chembur. The symptoms are appearing with classic regularity. Only wish his father had been prudent enough to have gaged the enormity of Faisals sickness.

Update 16th December: The inevitable, as had been predicted on Sachiniti has occurred. Tahir Hussain has requested the court to give custody of Faisal khan to Aamir Khan since he is unable to look after him.

Aamir must be feeling extremely vindicated today. After all no stone was left unturned by tahir hussain to demolish his image and his intentions. Notwithstanding, I wonder how much of glee can one experience if our parents are proven wrong. Imo.. none at all. they are your roots, your anchor. How does it benefit ones psyche to know that your parents or father in this case has been a bumbling fool.. shooting his mouth off and failing to realise the implications of faisals predicament.

Why Faisal was allowed to live independently by his father during his custody in far away chembur or some such vague suburb , is indicative of the fact that from the very first day of custody, Tahir Hussain had lost the battle..if ever there was one. The whole idea was to keep constant vigil on Faisal. there is great danger from one who thinks he is perfectly sane and the world is out to persecute him.

The judge played his cards right by initially handing over custody to tahir hussain. had he complied with aamirs request there would have been no way to prove the recklessness of the decision that Tahir Hussain was so convinced about.

The hearing is set for tomorrow. Tahir Hussain has had to eat humble pie. Aamir and his mother will get custody of faisal and hopefully this will be a sane end to this rather insane drama! Amen!!

Update 19th Dec: Faisals present accomodation and his daily routine..A report

The symptoms get stronger. A perfect neighbour, the report says ..not necessarily evidence for a perfect mind!

Update 17th Feb 08: Court grants independence to Faisal Khan which translates to Aamir loses battle for Faisals custody.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan on Saturday lost the legal battle for custody of his mentally-ill brother Faisal Khan as a local court held that Faisal need not be in anybody’s custody and can live anywhere he wants. But he requires regular medication, the Bandra metropolitan magistrate’s court held. Faisal, a one-time actor himself, is suffering from schizo-affected psychosis, according to the government-run J J Hospital’s report.

The court has decreed that Faisal be allowed to live on his own but medication is mandatory. This is a rather weird take on the issue. The heart of the matter was faisals reluctance to intake of medication which kept him stable. that is the reason the hue and cry raised by his near and dear. It is a known fact that patients often refuse to undergo medical treatment which then worsens their condition. How is it then advisable to let him be on his own when he has been declared a ‘schizophrenic patient’ simulataneously? Quite a paradox and shocking must say!


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  1. Well written piece.Sibling rivalry and its effects. Better to be a nobody than somebodys brother.

    Comment by Krishnan — October 20, 2007 @ 2:29 pm | Reply

  2. Aamir Khan and Faisal Khan -Two faces of fate

    Both brothers but so different in their destinies. faisal has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He blames aamir for trying to get him mad and hs father agrees while mom and sis are with aamir and want to get him treated.

    Trackback by — October 20, 2007 @ 2:37 pm | Reply

  3. so sad!!! what a waste. But I dont agree with Krishnan. Ther are so many examples of well adjusted siblings even f one is more successful than the other. i guess family plays a role and also personal image.

    Comment by Neha — October 20, 2007 @ 11:49 pm | Reply

  4. The whole family is mad, including Anurag Kashyup who wonders why Amir Khan is never praised enough.

    Comment by Shaan Khan — October 21, 2007 @ 8:04 am | Reply

  5. Nice title. Being a part of the same family as siblings is not any guarantee for similarity or even closeness in fate and destiny. This story has proven that. I personally do not believe stories being circulated that aamir is doing this for a property dispute. Its far fetched.I think concern for his brother is genuine as you have implied.

    Comment by dilip — October 21, 2007 @ 12:32 pm | Reply

  6. Hi Krishnan..Thanks. The sibling in a similar profession facing a spate of non starters can be quite demoralising . In fact there is my post on this called ‘Challenging Love..Sibling Rivalry” spoke also of Pravin and Promod Mahajan. Go through it if you like.

    Agree Neha.. In this context pl refer to post in above comment. I think you have read it..not sure.

    Hey Shaan.. how many on your hate list buddy.. Chill man.. Life is fleeting. And frankly your ‘prognosis’ was most unexpected. Why o why do you bring Anurag into this? He is a man entitled to his opinions like the rest of us. Please pretty please dont convert this site into an anurag bashing one.Its not fair.

    Thanx Dilip.. Me too .. property dispute..its a rather filmy concoction. The lawyers been seeing too many 60’s ka movies.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — October 21, 2007 @ 5:32 pm | Reply

  7. Nice post on sibling rivalry , won’t be surprised if some director(s) makes movie on this issue.

    Comment by Laxmi — October 22, 2007 @ 9:21 am | Reply

  8. nice post…. and quite an indepth reporting on this issue… are u working with a tabloid??

    Comment by sam — October 22, 2007 @ 4:47 pm | Reply

  9. Oh yeah laxmi.. who knows.. but if not entirely authentic it would be mighty unfair to the parties concerned.

    Hi Sam,

    Thanks.One tries..its mandatory I think to do some research before you write a blog since it is often read by the persons in question. And since this is not a gossip rag, one is conscious of every word and responsible for the contents.

    As for ” are u working with a tabloid??”.. Yes I am and it goes by the name of Sachiniti 🙂 We are the new frontier you know. This is what I categorically stated in an interview with NDTV that ‘ Blogger Media’ is here to stay. We are a force to reckon with. You may hate us, love us but cannot ignore us. Often we are a source of inspiration.. believe in Bollywood ..where the source is never disclosed.

    Phew! For a one line comment , this was a depth response..chuckle chuckle

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — October 22, 2007 @ 11:03 pm | Reply

  10. @ sachiniti…

    ‘ Blogger Media’ – calls for a toast really!

    hadnt read this in the paperz, they waste quite a lotta footage on such thingz… not much to say, just that… its never enuf 🙂 neither for the one who gives nor for the one that takes… again, the strange way in whic human emotionz seem to tumble toss arnd 🙂

    Comment by saptarshi — October 28, 2007 @ 10:11 pm | Reply

  11. Hey sapt,

    ” ‘Blogger Media’ – calls for a toast really!”

    Cheers Mate..consider a bottle of bubbles sent!! Arent you on Facebook? Join in and I will send it virtually pronto 🙂

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — October 31, 2007 @ 11:41 am | Reply

  12. I know how it feels to be a relative of such a patient.Believe u me its no joke. This was a good, balanced, compassionate take on the subject. Mr. Tahir Hussain needs treatment if he cannot judge the trauma of his son. Will a schizophrenic patient admit that he is so? he doesnt even know it!!!!What does Tahir hussein expect him to say? Why has the judge handed him over to a father who is uncaring of his ailment? I think it is definitely WRONG!!!!

    Comment by kamini — October 31, 2007 @ 8:10 pm | Reply

  13. I blogged on the same topic today and stumbled onto this blog via tags. Anyway, my views on this subject are quite different from those expressed here. Perhaps you may wish to take a look.

    Comment by Abhishek — November 1, 2007 @ 11:28 am | Reply

  14. Quite an exhaustive and informative post.Effort is well directed.

    “It not fair to put blame on a single individual but what comes to mind is the tragedy that what should have been a family decision over the well being of a sick son was thrown into the hands of an impersonal judge.”

    Well summed up!



    Comment by Jatin Lall — November 1, 2007 @ 1:18 pm | Reply

  15. Hi Abhishek,

    I read your post. Interesting. Your viewpoint is not in opposition to mine per se since I have not touched upon Faisals contention.

    Nevertheless,it gives me a chance to clarify my stand . You say ” My position is that involuntary custody in such an instance can be justified for only one reason- to prevent the person from harming others.”

    I disagree. History of schizophrenic patients normally substantiate two dominant factors 1) If not under medication/supervision/ the disease progresses rapidly and may degenerate into a violent mindset 2) Violence does not constitute an act on another necessarily. It also denotes actions which are unhealthy to oneself. Perhaps this is what Aamir and his mother fear may happen to Faisal.

    If one cites the example of Parveen babi since the randomity of her story has intrigued most of us… she willed to live ‘independently as well’ and managed to do so since she had no family to coerce her otherwise. Finally what transpired was pitiful. She died a lonely, sick, destitute woman in her flat at Juhu… too terrified of opening the door to even the domestic help or milkman. She died out of neglect. When the door of her flat was forced open, I believe the scene was ghastly. Gangrene had afflicted her leg, it was putrid and finally led to her death.

    She made a decision too. But was it in her best interest? Aamirs family is concerned for him. However he perhaps views it from his perspective. Imbalanced logistics compel him to feel as if’imprisoned’.Presently his moods or thoughts have complete sanction of sanity in his mind..when under medication. One shudders to think of the catastrophy medical neglect may cause

    I chanced upon the blog of a schizophrenic patient who understands fully well he is unwell. His notes make for such soulful reading. If you like you may go through to understand the inner turmoil they face.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — November 1, 2007 @ 11:48 pm | Reply

  16. I guess we differ on that point. Parveen Babi made a choice and in my view such a choice ought to be respected. Yes, her last days were terrible. Yet, for a person with a strong sense of individual freedom, a life in which one has such a freedom is often preferable, whatever the circumstance. If Parveen Babi had been coerced into commitment, put in a hospital against her will, perhaps her death would have been, shall we say, ‘neater’, but would it have been happier?

    If a schizophrenic person understands he is unwell, and makes a previous agreement with a loved one (or someone he trusts) that once his condition worsens, the latter will take over the decisions in his best interest, then it is perfectly ok. But some people prefer to have their freedom for as long as they have a sense of what freedom is (and this sense remains much beyond their mind starts deteriorating). I think we have no right to force anything on such a person.

    Comment by Abhishek — November 2, 2007 @ 1:03 am | Reply

  17. “If Parveen Babi had been coerced into commitment, put in a hospital against her will, perhaps her death would have been, shall we say, ‘neater’, but would it have been happier?”

    1)The idea is not to hospitalise Faisal but striving towards a tending to by those who believe he needs treatment and not by a father who is yet not convinced that Faisal is seriously unwell. What this may eventually translate into as far as faisal’s medical nurturing goes is a scary, to say the least.

    2) Happier? Is there any evidence that Parveen Babi was happy? Even if alone? According to reports from close friends she lived a petrified existence due to her illness and abandonment. In faisals case you will argue that it is his desire to be left alone. fair can see the point you are trying to make. More or less linked to right to euthanasia remotely.

    3) That brings us to the rather uncomfortable examining of unhealthy familial environment we live in where members of a family carry deep mistrust/distrust of close bonds, where a member would rather opt to live by himself.This is the symptom of corroding values and ethics and like I have mentioned a broken home and a weak patriarch.

    4) Freedom, which to sane minds will result only in complete disintegration of even a shred of hope there exists today due to timely treatment, ought to be looked on as foolhardiness. Just as we desist from permitting children into adult areas, a curb for the ultimate betterment of a schizophrenic patient is wise. I do wholly understand your contention and to a certain degree may nod my head in agreement. But unique to this case, now that Tahir hussain his limited financial capability, coupled with his animosity to the rest of the family and resistance to maturedly view faisals condition, I foresee a rather troubled time ahead for Faisal.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — November 3, 2007 @ 1:26 pm | Reply

  18. Very well written article. Been a fan of AK since QSQT days, and it must be a difficult time for him considering he has always valued his privacy, to have this issue now bandied about so much in public. It saddens me though, that a man who made the “Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega” song such a craze and who has actually made a name for himself not only nationally but internationally as well is now being called the “nalayak” beta. A line in the song goes “Banda Ye Khoobsurat Kaam Karega”, and he has done that hasnt he – created some spectacular piece of cinema…..

    Comment by A — November 9, 2007 @ 8:14 pm | Reply

  19. Thanks A.
    The sad part also is that his father made QSQT for him and his emotions were also evident in that song. Time has gifted Aamir with fame and fortune post that era but stolen away valuable relations. It is unfortunate not to be blessed by parents, irrespective of who the fault lies with. I guess when we live satisfying our desires, our needs, and reduce ourselves to being ‘one’ in a family, then isolation is the necessary fallout.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — November 14, 2007 @ 11:24 am | Reply

  20. Hi ! I agree with your last few points about not being blessed by parents and the isolation bit. But, according to me AK struggled a lot to reach where he is. And I dont think his father had a hand in QSQT. AK’s uncle produced it for him and his cousin (Mansoor) directed it. They way I look at it, it seems like a case of a family not being able to or unwilling to accept the genius and the fame of one family member. Instead of being happy for him, the rest of them seem hell bent on maligning him. And yes, of course the blame lies on both sides – AK being self centred enough to pursue his dreams and desires without giving a thought to anything else. But wouldnt most people in a similar situation do that today ?

    As u have rightly mentioned earlier “Sadly what is also evident is the fact that a weak patriarch almost always leads the family to ruination”. The fact that Faisal has moved out of his father’s house proves it. And it gives the media all the more reason to keep on going about this issue. Would anybody be interested in this schizophrenic and his problems had he not been Aamir’s brother ?

    Comment by A — November 15, 2007 @ 1:17 am | Reply

  21. @ A are right.Somehow I feel this family and its tragedies can be quite telling of the ills that plague us today. A father who chose to marry another woman without quite getting the approval of his wife and children merely exploiting his religious tenet which allowed more than one wife may have been the point of no return. Aamirs success, Tahir Hussains subsequent monetary troubles added up. Aamir chose to go his father’s route of re marriage paradoxically.Faisals non success and loss of family trust leading to schizophrenia..all speak of disintegration of human values and familial concerns. there is a lesson in this for all of us who wish to learn. A family is meant to sink or swim together. Selfish ends is a no win situation for all no matter how lucrative short terms gain might appear.

    Faisals moving out and his being allowed to do so is tragic.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — November 15, 2007 @ 5:15 pm | Reply

  22. Hi Kaveeta. Just discovered your blog while browsing through one of my favourite sites,[I am not logged in with them, but I read their intelligent unbiased content every day].I read your review of Saawariya and found myself agreeing with many points you make- on art, perception, personal sensibilities,a media that seems to cater to the lowest common denominator–the works. Will see the film and form my own opinion.

    As a loyal AK fan, I also found myself drawn to this topic.I have been distressed with the happenings in AK’s family life.Despite the media’s anti-AK attitude I find myself liking his films plus his attitude to life in general [as much as can be percieved by an outsider].His choice of films like Sarfarosh is indicative of his thinking, a line that is parallel with my own.

    So naturally I was shocked at Tahir and Faisal’s insinuations, that the famous and successful elder brother has spoilt the younger brother’s life.

    I cannot believe that Aamir would do such a thing. Allow me to quote from this Aug2005 article in Tehelka, when Shoma Chaudhry interviewed him prior to release of MP.Shoma reveals that’he is helping his brother find an alternative life away from cinema’.To Shoma’s question,’Your brother Faisal-he has not been a success in films. Is that a point of heartbreak?’ Aamir replied,’Yes, it’s heartbreaking for all of us.But it’s not the end of the world.He’s moved on to other things’

    Aamir does not come across as an insensitive sibling.

    Whatever their problems, why did Faisal and father run to the media with their complaints?Is this the way of dealing with a mentally unstable son–trashing the older successful supportive sibling in public?
    Now the latest news, of Faisal having moved out of his father’s care, the uncertainity about him, makes me wonder at his future.

    Comment by Lalita — November 16, 2007 @ 2:56 pm | Reply

  23. Hi Lalita..welcome.

    Public at large has gaged the truth in this matter. Aamir is clearly a concerned brother who is/was out to do his best. Unfortunately a broken home is never a stable environment for any mature outcome to emerge. Faisals future is in jeopardy. The family ought to have let Aamir carry on and explained to Faisal to hang on.Perhaps aamir in his anxiety and role played elder brother too harshly and frightened off faisal who is not quite coherent to grasp the enormity of his condition.

    The media has been chasing the family.. I dont think it is the other way around. Tahir Hussains outburst is really evident of a breakdown of any family bond. Its sad. When parents and children speak out in public it makes one feel rootless even the viewers. I always remember the great Anand Bakshis lyrics..Chingaari koi bhadke….and the stanza lies.. ‘jo baag bahaar mein ujde usse kaun sajaaye’

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — November 17, 2007 @ 11:53 am | Reply

  24. hi guys,its really very rocking and sensational movie was aamir khan, hes really very good actor,yeh its means aamir khan is india’s great leader as a bollywood actors.

    I m see on Gajini,gajini actress really very sexy and good figure gal,she’s looking osam,if she’s APNAY PAR AA JAYE TOH KISI KO BHI EXICTED KAR SAKTI HAI.
    i m big fan she’s.

    Comment by Rahul — May 22, 2009 @ 5:32 pm | Reply

  25. Hi Kavitha,
    A comment in 2010 for a post written in 2007.Sorry for that.But i read this post only today.
    I am happy i read this post as the father of only daughter who is suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia.I also read with interest the dialogue you had with Mr.Abhishek . Treating a patient is not CURING a patient.Wiki has given you information about bogus theories which were floated by Psychiatrists who could not CURE this discease.
    LIDZ —–Deficient parents
    2.Bateson —double bind
    3.Loren Mosher —Families are the main reason
    4.Freida Reishmann —dominant Mother.
    Ofcourse poverty, urban society, cold weather, hot weather, flu, etc etc were bandied about to buttress their own lack of INABILITY TO CURE THE DISEASE.
    Why the father of Faisal who was directed by court to keep him in his house(as per Faisal’s wishes) for One month only could not keep him for more than 15 days? There must be some reason? What is it? Why he was NOT punished under sec 21 of the Mental health act 1987?
    Aamir has been dignified in his conduct and I am sure the father of the boys used this opportunity to get rid of his own guilty complex about leaving his first wife which might have hurt the young brothers at that time.Here nobody is at fault.
    THE FAULT LIES WITH SCHIZOPHRENIA a disease which still eludes cure in the modern Psychiatry according to which only 25% get rid of their symptoms, 50% live with lifelong medication and controllable symptoms while another 25% DONOT GET RID OF THEIR SYMPTOMS AT ALL.If poor they are abandoned and wander the streets.
    Please visit the following site for more info.

    Comment by captainjohann — June 3, 2010 @ 11:14 am | Reply

    • Hello Captain,

      First, am sorry to hear of the turmoil you must be facing. It must be quite a challenge to retain your faith and keep your chin up in the scenario. Although I must add here , from what I read of your comments on my blog you seem to be coping well and come across as someone who has evolved, accepted and learnt to deal with the situation marvellously.

      “.If poor they are abandoned and wander the streets.’

      Pithy statement, true and hard hitting.

      lately there has been no news on Faisal..perhaps under the watchful eye of Aamir, he must be well attended to. That is all I was concerned with and rooting for. Supervisory and familial care.. if he is stricken with schizophrenia which it almost seemed certain, going by the medical reports. Else I do not see any reason for Aamir to have gone to such lengths. I am no fan of AAmir Khan the actor at all and that was not the basis of this post. It could have been any brother going out on a limb to care for his afflicted sibling and the contention may have been no different.

      Thanks for enlightening me and my readers with your comment.

      Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — June 6, 2010 @ 12:33 pm | Reply

  26. Thanks for this detailed report on the Hussain family crisis. Was hoping for some more updates though, I was wondering, what happened later between Aamir and Tahir Hussain, for we know that Tahir Hussain died at Aamir’s residence. So he was living with Aamir in his last days, is it? And how is Faisal Khan now? Where is he? Must say this would make a movie in itself. The best way to put this is the famous line you mentioned, har kisiko mukkammal jahan nahin milta.. Imagine the father of a man of Aamir Khan’s talent pool saying he is a nalayak beta… I would say there is no one more layak than this beta

    Comment by Sanjukta — May 17, 2012 @ 8:12 pm | Reply

  27. Some thing similar happened in Mohanlals Family.his elder brother commited suicide.

    Comment by Sandeep — May 28, 2012 @ 11:36 am | Reply

  28. Same old story, one remains a financially weak, struggling actor another achieves stardom and gets rich.One brother tries to show off and the other reacts and distance and gap grows. The weaker brother expects the stronger will help but he doesn’t and he separates himself. Amir does not know owe Faisal anything and goes how the world works, in a cut throat style. Faisal is upset that no help comes.

    Faisal’s life gets destroyed and the constant pain of the years causes him to lose the mental balance, amir khan gets super rich and creates many star actors and actresses, and he launches actors, faisal’s career is destroyed. Amir also gets distanced from his father as he wants money to live well, and actually his father launched him, amir gives none.

    Finally after faisal endured the schizophrenia his brother amir goes on to create ghajini which is actually the story of faisal and amir and amir mocks faisal with this movie.

    The only way I see out for Faisal is to commit suicide with no help from any corner. The only way out for Amir is heaven. Both brothers came from the same womb and ended up in entirely different world’s all due to fate. Man is nothing but a puppet in the hand of god.

    Comment by Aman Verma — March 21, 2015 @ 2:20 pm | Reply

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