December 28, 2006

Sachiniti Kaveetaa Kaul On NDTV

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Kaveeta Kaul

A couple of weeks ago, I received an articulately worded mail from a correspondent of NDTV stating that she’d read Sachiniti and therefore requested an interview. So we got together for the shoot.

I was asked about Sachiniti, purpose of my writings, and more importantly, how do blogs and Wikis help mobilise public opinion. It was a nice chat.

I spoke of the the ‘New Frontier’..Blogger media and the fourth estate to consider working in tandem..I rounded off on behalf of the blogger community, listing our pluses, that of having a longer ‘shelf life’ as compared to electronic media etc.. we could keep issues alive, we were not governed by hidden agendas, or personal gains etc…. our reach cut across geographical boundaries into the realm of ideas and words therefore ‘we matter’.. and then added the classic line ‘ You may love us, hate us but cannot ignore us ” ๐Ÿ™‚

Dino Morea, my ever helpful, charming friend, offered to let us shoot at his restaurant ‘Crepe Station’ at Carter Road, close by…it was fun.

I did not get to see it though. It did not appear at the scheduled 9.30 p.m. Sunday slot, but another day. missed it. But anyways, MSM is taking notice of bloggers… perhaps another reason for us to use our voice constructively.

Kaveetaa Kaul


  1. Hey..thats cool!!!!!!

    Comment by Neha — December 29, 2006 @ 12:58 pm | Reply

  2. One can see a growing interest in the blogger community by MSM..thts true and much needed.

    Comment by dilip — December 29, 2006 @ 2:04 pm | Reply

  3. I think its high time i get a blog for meself..i know..I know u have been after me for soooo long..but i just am not the type to sit and write a pice..
    a line or two here and there n ‘bas ho gaya’.bUt i have to grow Up!!! and then i want to be on tv and all that:)

    Comment by puja — December 29, 2006 @ 4:34 pm | Reply

  4. yes dilip..most newspapers have a section devoted to blogger quotes etc. In times to come, if we are able as a community to empower ourselves righteously, we can make a ‘difference’..I have no doubts on that score. We have to remember not to trivialise our freedom.

    Puja..please dont grow up ๐Ÿ™‚ you are incorrigibly cute as you are.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — December 29, 2006 @ 7:23 pm | Reply

  5. thankoooooo thankooooo ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    Comment by puja — December 30, 2006 @ 2:32 pm | Reply

  6. It was imminent, blogging would become a gateway for the expanded connected family, to actively participate in global awarness, drawn from the perceptions and wisdoms of people around the globe. This is/has/will be one of the most revolutionary tools used, to investigate topical issue interests…

    Congratulations to you Kaveetaa.. Sachiniti has become a boom-box voice of your catalyst approach of topical issues, and human rights issue, issues pertaining to women and children; via your well-researched, and well-thought-out posts here at Sachiniti!! A deserved tribute for your efforts!!

    with loving kindness,

    Comment by North — December 31, 2006 @ 4:39 am | Reply

  7. Hi North.. so true ..its revolutionary innately and inherently therefore onus multiplied of being watchful, balanced and conscientious when embarking on sensitive issues. Alternately, issues which suffer from lack of media exposure for one reason or another get a platform.

    And about are being kind North. I spoke on behalf of bloggers, because its a movement which will grow in strength only with unity. My contribution is but a drop in the ocean.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — December 31, 2006 @ 12:56 pm | Reply

  8. Kaveetaa, your contribution may be one drop in the bucket, or ocean; but Kaveetaa–it is your drop; which keeps the bucket or ocean from drying UP! : )

    Blogging has shown, that people all around the world; want peace. People want to help each other, and keep each other well. But, it is the few among us; whom lead; which contaminate the peace-actions of the many….perhaps 2007, will become the year of our global independance?

    with loving kindness,

    Comment by North — January 2, 2007 @ 8:32 pm | Reply

  9. “perhaps 2007, will become the year of our global independance?”

    Amen to that North.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — January 2, 2007 @ 8:46 pm | Reply

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