December 16, 2006

A 17 Year Old From Bihar Chosen UNICEF Mascot

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Read a most invigorating news article which somehow re-infuses one with faith that a girl child can achieve the impossible in India, despite any form of support, encouragement, impetus, financially or otherwise, merely by sheer dint of intention and confidence in her abilities.

Its time we pick up from where we left off in thinking that History can be created by marginalising women or at the risk of their exclusion. It is not politically motivated, or a cliche driven thought to respect womens achievements, but a necessity for the health of society as a whole…And most importantly to salvage Indias inglorious reputation, on the ‘women abuse’ domain.

Seventeen-year old Anita of Bochahan village went against her family’s wishes to set up a successful business, which changed her family’s fortunes. (more…)

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