December 27, 2006

Singur..Caught In the Quagmire

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Update 16th Mar’07: Showing no signs of abating, the problem seems to have mulitiplied manifold. 

Tata has indeed unfurled a dramatic explosion of unrest.

Saptarshi Das a regular reader at Sachiniti has written such a poignant post to do with the tragedy of Singur. It is an issue that deserves highlighting and pondering if not grieveing over. The chasm between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ seems to widen with no hope for reparation.

And of course that it was a young 19 year old girl whose spirit seemed threatening enough to be snuffed into a mere..Coincidence. India respects her women..the feminists/indignant citizens are only a volatile lot who enjoy blowing numbers and incidents out of proportion..or is it out of the comfort zone of those who WISH to project it otherwise!



If only being ashamed made a difference… if only…

Tapasi Malik. Along with her father, this 19 year old was protesting… the confused encroachment of industries on agricultural land. Tata Motors would be coming out with a four wheeler with an awesome price tag! The one lakh car might change some parameters in the lives of ‘so-called’ Indian middle class; many a dream might come true…

Early morning she was going to the fields afar- the nature calls (bloody we don’t even have proper toilets out there and lo! There would be industries booming and jobs galore! Guess am the only cynic around); like routine, like clock work, the day would begin for her- or so she thought! (more…)

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