March 9, 2006

IndianPad..I am so touched

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Just back from a hectic day and on wanting to read the days news, found this on Indian Pad.

In case you missed it:

Indianpad is one among 76,184,000 sites worldwide – NetCraft Survey

In the February 2006 survey netcraft received responses from 76,184,000 sites, an increase of 933K from January’s total. This month’s survey finds different trends emerging in hostnames and active sites. Apache continues its strong growth with an increase of 1.3 million hostnames for the month, adding nearly a full point to its commanding market share lead.

and the comment:

“Bloggers shouldnt be intimidated by this news, I posted this just to tell indianpad / desicritic / garamvideo / kaveetakaul and others … that they are doing a great job even admist such competition -)

With encouraging Bloggers such as amiable_indian, it is no wonder Indian pad is what it is…a coool site.

Ahhh no..I know what you are gushy mushy words have nothing to do with the link.. Weeellll..almost:) I do get flattered..Don’t expect me to be devoid of human frailities.

Indian pad’s section on NEWS, is my favourite.

Look Up

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Went and bought the Eve Ensler’s the Good Body.. a book I recommend to all women..
The following passage caught my attention.. it is what Priya and Indian lady tells Eve Ensler: “I think you only know one country – a little country, your body with a population of one. You spend all your time fixing and renovating it. You’re missing the rest of the world. You need to look up, you need to look out..”

Come to think of it, this does not apply simply to our physical body but has almost become a way of life in our times.. time we looked up and out…

PS: one almost felt a great a beginning was made in the right direction with the outrage against the jessica lal verdict till one heard of the varanasi blasts.. but then let us hope that civil society will take on this head on and not be swayed by vested interests..

Anouradha Bakshi

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