March 20, 2006

Throw Momma into Jail

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Its all about loving your parents’ money!!

Married couples are using the anti-dowry laws to implicate their parents/in-laws to part with their wealth or to live separately.

Please refer to this link.

In a shocking trend, some middle class married women, in league with their husbands, are foisting false dowry charges on their in-laws to pressure them to part with their wealth, a Delhi Police official says.

According to K.C. Dwivedi, deputy commissioner of police of the Crime Against Women Cell, some married couples hatch a plan to harass and threaten the husband’s parents in order to get a share of the wealth and also to force the elderly parents to live separately.

“It seems they do not want to stay with their parents but are only concerned about their share in the wealth,” Dwivedi said.

He added that in the past two months, the police had registered around five such cases where married couples framed false charges against their parents


Disingenuous..Life never stops sucking the wind out of one’s sails . The prevalence of old age homes was a bad enough reflection of where we were heading as a race. However,one gave the benefit of the doubt, albeit conditionally, to the fact that perhaps monetary constraints compelled working couples to take this drastic step in the hope that their elders would be well looked after in these homes.

But suing aged parents for material comforts is one of the most deplorable piece of news in recent times. How conveniently such children overlook the years of upbringing , the toil, sacrifice, labour, love, caring, concern that has been unconditionally afforded to making them what they are today.

What you cannot recall,you do not reward. Simple. Not quite. As always, nemesis will strike with unfailing precision. Their children are watching keenly,very keenly. And children just love to be copy cats don’t they?

Signs, not always as jejune as we imagine.

Had these old parents known that this was what fate had in store, perhaps they would have been wary. Perhaps they would have instilled values which highlighted compassion, goodness, respect and kindness in those impressionable childhood years. Perhaps exposed them to the advantages of a content human being, rich in self esteem, centered in humaneness and balanced in attitude towards worldly goals.

Somewhere they have faltered in their steps . Somewhere as parents they have exemplified a materialistic tendency that the children have imbibed in great proportion. Somewhere as a society we seem to be decaying into a hapless civilization where comforts, luxuries, wealth have not only taken precedence over any other worthwhile goals, but have blinded us as to the means we can adopt to fructify these desires. Shortcuts are the rule of the day. We are the ‘click-age’ generation aren’t we?

It leads one to think that lack of trust in each other, whether between parents and children husband and wife, siblings, partners, and lack of faith in ones destiny plays a great part in triggering such deeds,. Coupled of course with the greed for ‘more’. Avarice has always spelt doom and will continue to.

Antiquated laws and lacunae in the system seem to be in the dock once again. The blame lies unmistakably in the glaring truth that justice in India is still floundering amidst misuse, delay and manipulation.

Instead of condemnng the ills our society is plagued with, these occurrences have to act as catalysts to analyse and re-define where we are leading our children. Accept responsibility for our actions as parents and citizens and assume the role of teacher, guide, friend and role model to our children. Society as a whole needs to be RESCUED urgently. It has been brought to the brink by us, we therefore must stand up to the challenge of bringing it back on track.

Let us each one, simply decide to not participate in and rebel against a wrong , happening directly in front of us. Each at a time. That is all that is needed.

In the meanwhile,expunge Danny de vito (throw momma from the train) and feed on an overdose of our desi Karan Johar flics.


Posted on Desicritics where there has been a deluge of comments from unexpected quarters. The underlying purpose of the article was to highlight the downward spiral of ethics, abuse of the elderly, if at all and only as has been reported in the Press.

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  1. nice..made me sit up and take notice.

    Children do watch. That is true.and then we blame them into turning out wrong. not always but many a time adults who were once kids, are a direct replica of their parents,and their views.

    All the same this is atrocious.

    Comment by Anonymous — March 29, 2006 @ 12:54 pm | Reply

  2. If we are to take the term ‘vicious cycle’ as gospel, then we better sit up and take notice.

    materialism has made deeper inroads than we choose to admit or even perceive. As life gets more stressful, need for comfort activities and comfort zones increase, and this leads to more materialism.

    therefore vicious cycle is at play in more spheres than one.

    It would help if people opted for solace in spiritual retreats or a soul searching solution to their problems instead.

    While we may condemn this report in unison, it is important to retrospect and see whether we are in any way contributing to the agony of our elders in other ways, the most imperceptible being ignoring them or being indifferent to them.

    Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — March 29, 2006 @ 1:43 pm | Reply

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