November 22, 2007

Shahrukh Khan Snubbed By BCCI


Loved him in the CDI look

Kaveetaa Kaul

The BCCI has once again proven that is the single most controversial non governmental body. This time it has outdone itself by embarking on a tomfoolery riot in a matter outside the periphery of cricket, into a sphere which is as much revered. The iconic Shahrukh Khan. Of the three that can whip up a fanatical frenzy for Indians, inexplicable and irrational, one is, the other cricket and then SRK..not particularly in that order..Wonder what would occur if the three appeared combined, by an act of God…which adds on the ‘religion’ as the (more…)

November 2, 2007

Mukesh Ambani Gifts Wife Nita- 242 CR Jet!! Srk Gifts Farah A Merc!!


Kaveetaa Kaul


Ads which have so far ruled the roost with messages of undying love proclaimed via diamonds for some and the modest Prestige cookers ( think ‘jo biwi se kare pyar woh prestige se kaise kare inkaar) are gonne look so ‘pheeka’ /outdated/archaic now that Mukesh- larger-than-life-Ambani has bought his wife Nita Ambani a Rs. 242 crore Airbus 319 corporate jet as a birthday gift.

Will-o-the-wisp- longings in vogue, much in demand aspirations with the moon seemingly within reach..Thanks to the almost unattainable eponym-ish characters gaining real life credibility.

I gulped on reading the news screaming across Mumbai Mirror, amazed, amused, somewhat envious but mostly scandalised. First Antilia( Read details of his mansion here) his humungous mansion and now this..though I must candidly admit I find the couple hugely endearing. Nita is simply gorgeous. We attended a social do some time back where they as well as hubby and me were invitees and I found them to be down to earth and highly affable.

Notwithstanding.. A Jet? Whatever for? Is she planning to drop the kids to school in it to avoid traffic bottlenecks? This was my first reaction..rather frivolous I confess.. slowly other doubts clouded the cryptic mind. (more…)

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