November 28, 2006

Sanjay Dutt Is ‘Munna’..Not ‘Bhai’-Case Verdict (updated)

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Update July 31st’07: Sanjay Dutt sentenced to six years rigorous imprisonment, though free of being indicted in the TADA category. He has already served eighteen months… as well as 14 years of stressful waiting till the matter was disposed. One might have expected that the remainder might have been pardoned due to factors ranging from social service to good behaviour. as well as having no case against him all of these years. Maybe there is more to come…but as of now, this is the verdict.

Rather strong severe. His having dinner with Dawood proved to be his downfall as well as trying to destroy the arms..which in fact proves he had no intention of using them. His appeal in the Supreme Court is pending.


Sanjay Dutt is not a terrorist- Justice Kode

One chapter in the life of Sanjay Dutt, a matinee idol, seems to be reaching a happy conclusion. Thirteen years, almost fourteen, the period of ‘banvas’, for Sanju baba as he is fondly referred to by the film fraternity has been wrought with tumultous ups and downs, a sea of challenging situations, when words like peace, happiness, contentment may have been on the other shore, despite being a star and privy to the best life can afford..A rare example in Bollywood, for that matter, Hollywood as well. (more…)

Body Beautiful-Is All?

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Kaveeta Kaul

Just back from the gym, after an hour long yoga session at home..consumed the juice of wheatgrass, home grown, (totally hubbys initiative), am on to having some fruit and then breakfast maybe after 12.oo p.m..if I am home or will carry it. Why this obsessive, manic fetish you might ask..quite right..I feel the same..Why?

The other day, 25th actually, attended a pageant for crowning Mr/Ms Body Beautiful. The judges were the pyts of Bollywood, Dia mirza, Kangana Raut, Yana Gupta, etc The contestants were fine specimens of protein shakes, eggwhite, low carb regime coupled with 3day upper body and 3 day leg workouts. Indeed fascinating. Not that I was new to it, but hey cannot boast of a 24 inch waistline anymore..( college days..yes)but do I intend to? Naah!!!.. Do I wish to have one?..Naah!!! nose is growing..Ok..that was a BIG lie. I dont know of anyone who wont wish for a Marie Antoinette( 14 inch) or thereabouts. But in the final analysis, how much does it matter..really! (more…)

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