March 25, 2008

The Rinku Sachdeva I knew (Updated – Mumbai Mirror Responds)

Rinku Sachdeva

Kaveetaa Kaul


Update 4th August 2008Gayatri Jayaraman on behalf of People magazine for their newly launched Indian edition contacted me to meet Harish and Binu Sachdev. After some persuasion they agreed to meet up. Gayatri has since resigned from People  but Sonal Nerurkar  carried the story on Rinku with inputs from the family. Rinku-Sachdev story in PEOPLE..A must read.

Update 6th April 2008: Rinkus father Mr. Harish Sachdeva puts forward his feelings and viewpoints in the comments section.. A must read.

Update 3rd April 2008 : If getting to the unadulterated truth is your concern then please read comment 78 where Ankush Mahindra, Rinkus brother-in-law has spoken out in as veracious and candid a manner as possible.

Update 30th March 2008: Post the publishing of this write up on ‘Sachiniti’, Bapu Deedwania a senior correspondent of Mumbai Mirror got in touch with me ( see comments 13-16) . I was only too keen to set the ball rolling for her to meet the Sachdevas .. their trauma needed to be put forth as well. Todays Mumbai Mirror presents their version of the situation, exactly as Bapu had promised me, without any effort to sensationalise..purely verbatim.Responsible journalism can be such a boon. Thank you Bapu. See bottom of post for details.

Update 28th March 2008 : As predicted here,investigating police officials have found no evidence of any ‘alleged affair’ Rinku Sachdev was ‘reportedly’ accused of . For those of us who knew her, it is not important, since we weren’t assailed with doubts in any case. However, defiling of her good name, issues about circumventing facts, would ultimately tell on her near and dear ones, family and friends which would be grossly unfair. Hence this attempt to showcase the truth.See bottom of post for details.


How does one grieve over the shocking death of Rinku Sachdeva a 28 year old who you knew as a teenager, whose parents were a couple you looked forward to meeting if only to hear their laughter and imbibe their joie de vivre? How does one replace that happy family with an image of what the TV channels air? Just how does one console the parents? Are there words which can express that ‘I understand your pain I am with you’? And more importantly would such sentiments matter any more? Would they ever be able to recover not just from the loss but more from the sordid insinuations made in the media some blatant some implied but equally defaming? (more…)

July 17, 2007

Edwina-Nehru’s Love Was ‘Platonic’ Asserts Pamela Mountbatten


Kaveetaa Kaul


Perhaps one of the rarest accounts of a vicariously described relationship is that of Pamela Mountbatten’s depiction of her mother Edwina, wife of Lord Mountbatten the last Viceroy of India and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehrus ‘love affair’ in her book India Remembered: A Personal Account of the Mountbattens During the Transfer of Power. A daughter looking back at her mothers life with candid honesty and mature ponderings does astonish one, followed by a sense of admiration at the candor of her approach.

What is ‘platonic love’?”The term amor platonicus was coined as early as the 15th Century by the Florentine scholar Marsilio Ficino as a synonym for “amor socraticus”. Both expressions signify a love focused on the beauty of a person’s character and intelligence rather than on their physical charms.”

In light of the said connotation of the term the Edwina Nehru ‘affair’ if one refers to it so, intrigues and enchants you with details as elucidated in the links provided.

Love oftentimes is considered quixotic, if not unabashedly uncaring of consequences. However the relationship as described by Pamela between Edwina and Pandit Nehru seemed to have settled into a recumbent zone of ease despite there being three in the relationship. While this led to tragedy for Lady Diana, as personally verbalised by her in an exclusive interview, where she said simply ( reproduced from memory..excuse inaccuracies) ” there were three of us in this relationship and it was uncomfortable”.

Arrant surnames, careers at nadir can create situations which lead to loneliness. At one such juncture Edwina Mountbatten and Pandit Nehru found perfect soulmates in each other. Nehru was a widower and Indira Gandhi his daughter was married and at the time living with her husband. India in the throes of the Independence struggle, with Nehru almost at the helm of affairs must have been excuse for turbulence in the mind then finding solace in a relationship which ‘supposedly’ crossed levels of the physical and transcended into something greater.

“I mean a very deep love, the kind of love that the knights of old…esoteric love really, nowadays everybody assumes that it has to be a carnal love, but you can just have as deep and emotional love with two like souls in a way, people who really grow to understand each other, and be able to listen to each other and to complement each other and find solace in each other.” described Pamela.

There could have been all reason to look askance at this relationship and doubt the assertions of ‘platonic Love’ made with such fervour by Pamela, but for once, doubt does not creep in. Admittedly personal ideas of romanticism, propound the possibility of a love ligatured with pristine sentiments. (more…)

June 18, 2007

Shweta Tiwari Victim Of Domestic Violence (Updated)


A picture taken not too long ago ..Deceptive?


Kaveetaa Kaul

Shweta Tiwari a popular actress of television soaps seems to be in doldrums of the domestic kind. As reported by leading national T.V. channels and the media, Shweta Tiwari has been going through incidents of physical abuse at the hands of her husband Raja Chowdhry. (more…)

May 24, 2007

Law To The Rescue ! Live In Relationships Gain Recognition.

Kaveeta Kaul

In what can be termed as a momentous decision by an Indian Court a woman has been granted compensation for the emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her live in partner who used her on the promise of marriage and then dumped her unceremoniously , threatening her with his ‘high connections’ if she so much as uttered a word in protest. (more…)

December 15, 2006

A Princess Betrayed-Diana

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“The worst illness of our time is that so many people have to suffer from not ever being loved” Princess Diana

The news of Princess Diana’s death had brought in its wake a deep sadness and nudged an inevitable questioning as to the manner in which we mortals seek the’ ever elusive’ strain of happiness. If a Princess endowed with beauty, wealth and grandeur had lived her life as if chasing a dream, an impossibility, a mirage, only to get sucked into the illusion of a ‘happily ever after’ love story, then this , if anything, is an exemplification of the fact that happiness is not a commodity, to be acquired, but a verb, to be achieved, painstakingly..A paradox in itself.


What makes Dianas story an eternal Greek tragedy however, is the report that her two sons Princes William and Harry, had invited, to the memorial service of their mother, (more…)

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