October 4, 2006

Are We Being Hasty- Afzal Affair

Filed under: India n Me,opinions — Kaveeta Oberoi Kaul @ 4:40 pm

Terrorism has brought in its wake a retributive cry for blood, of a suspected terrorist, as in the case of Afzal. What is in urgent need of appraisal is an honest, sincere, foolproof, investigation into irrefutable evidence of his guilt. After all we are dealing with the gallows scope for rectifying wrongs once committed. Are we speciously mitigating the the horrors of violence with an equally unjust indictment? With as much finality?

A recommended read for an in- depth perspective.

Somehow, the acquittal of Geelani on the basis of ‘fabricated and concocted evidence’ has led to the nagging doubt/suspicion of the culpability of Afzal. There is no further evidence provided nor (more…)

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