October 31, 2006

At Last Divine Justice-Priyadarshini Mattoo

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Kaveetaa Kaul

Updated 6th Oct’2010: Priyadarshini Mattoo .. not avenged !The header seems a little incongruous now with the latest development of the Supreme Court having commuted her murderer Santosh Singhs sentence from ‘death’ as accorded by the High court to ‘life’ imprisonment. If this was not the rarest of the rare case what would be its denotation! She was stalked for years, cold bloodedly then and with pre meditated planning, raped and murdered.

Priyadarshinis father is a shattered man today! Rightly so!

Original post :

Its not often that one decides to prefix ‘divine’ with ‘justice’ given several cases where flouting of laws and subverting of justice has been almost rampantly prevalent. With the sentencing of Santosh Singh to the gallows, the rapist cum killer of 23 year old Priyadarshini Mattoo, 11 years back, ‘divine’ connotes more than just ‘heavenly’ intervention. It is a salute to the judiciary..finally.

In a grotesque incident Priyadarshini , a law student, was stalked by a fellow student Santosh for two years (more…)

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