June 21, 2007

Vote For Taj Mahal – New Seven Wonders Of The World

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Kaveeta Kaul


Congrats!!!! WE have done it.. The Taj Mahal has made it as one of the Seven Great Wonders! The listing is alphabetical and does not reflect number of votes..

According to media reports Taj has received the highest number of votes!! Wow …Great

Shall keep you updated on exact number of votes.

Meanwhile feast on beautiful pics of the New Seven Wonders and the function

Now that Indian citizenry has supported the cause and accorded Taj the glory it deserves, the Indian Government is obligated to ensure that Agra and the heritage structure abides by norms of infrastructural procedures essential to the tourism industry. Presently the conditions surrounding the Taj are appalling to say the least.

Results to be declared today..7th July.

You can watch Live Streaming of the Award Function here.


Show solidarity for the monument of love The Taj Mahal.

Voting is on for the selection of the New Seven Wonders. Our Taj surely does deserve to be in the list.

Presently its not doing as well as one might have hoped, considering we are the largest democracy in the world and perhaps the highest percentage of online subscribers!. It has not even reached the 7th place as yet !! From the looks of it, metaphorically speaking, to be among the first few was the expectation!! Put in your votes asap guys. Its a matter of national pride and also a celebration of Love and the worlds greatest lover Shah Jehan.

Its amazing to be told by overjoyed anchors on the number of votes received via paid SMS’es for say an Indian Idol or Sa Re Ga Ma ..and few forthcoming via a free vote to prove pride for a heritage structure, the pride of India, the next inclusion in Wonders of the world?! C’mon guys I’m sure we can do better. One can do little about votes cast for the goons in U.P…but why not spend a minute for a worthy cause?

Sigh.. Ladies, think about it.. we aint gonna have another Taj dedicated to us..not even the tea bag variety.. so might as well revel in the joy of Mumtaz Mahal..although she had to die to fathom his love.. or am I being cynical! (more…)

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