September 28, 2006

In Wait-Oscar

Filed under: India n Me,opinions — Kaveeta Oberoi Kaul @ 5:27 pm

Update: The makers of RDB, emboldened by the roaring success of the film, have decided to enlist it in eight categories….narcissism?

Adopting a ‘never-say-die attitude, the Producer of ‘Munnabhai lage Raho” has snubbed the jury by entering the film independently. Quite a race there..each vying for honours.Frankly, if a film manages to tailspin into the nominations, that itself is creditworthy. But will either of these attain the success of ‘Lagaan’?

Rang de basanti” Indias entry to the Oscars has fuelled many an argument as to the corrrectness of its choice.As a film, it had its moments. The central theme had stirred up emotions in the audience since it closely corresponded with an average viewers impending issues, faced ad nauseum. For me personally, there were thematic structural problems in the film, which failed to go well with my sensibilities..but that bears little relevance to the subject of an Indian film representation at a world forum. (more…)

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