September 17, 2006

In Heaven-In Hell: Anousheh-Mumtaz Ghazala Deepti

Filed under: opinions,Suicides murder women,This Gets To Me — Kaveeta Oberoi Kaul @ 5:44 pm

Kaveeta Kaul

Oftentimes one encounters those with an alternative viewpoint, a necessary adjunct to creative ‘out of the box’ take on lifestyles. There is a certain gentleman who strongly conforms to the tenet of ‘newspaperless-ness’ as the secret behind his disease-less state of health. In other words, his morning routine, or rather daily routine, does not include the almost reverential wait for the morning paper indulged in by the vast majority of mortals (me included). He pooh poohs the exercise with a wave of his hand, accompanied by an “invitation to depression’ remark, on his way to the ‘laughter club’.

Oftentimes, I find myself inwardly agreeing, while not summoning up the will to bypass the dining table, with the stock of freshly delivered, unopened newspapers, waiting to be (more…)

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