September 17, 2006

In Heaven-In Hell: Anousheh-Mumtaz Ghazala Deepti

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Kaveeta Kaul

Oftentimes one encounters those with an alternative viewpoint, a necessary adjunct to creative ‘out of the box’ take on lifestyles. There is a certain gentleman who strongly conforms to the tenet of ‘newspaperless-ness’ as the secret behind his disease-less state of health. In other words, his morning routine, or rather daily routine, does not include the almost reverential wait for the morning paper indulged in by the vast majority of mortals (me included). He pooh poohs the exercise with a wave of his hand, accompanied by an “invitation to depression’ remark, on his way to the ‘laughter club’.

Oftentimes, I find myself inwardly agreeing, while not summoning up the will to bypass the dining table, with the stock of freshly delivered, unopened newspapers, waiting to be hungrily devoured.

This lazy Sunday morning, only a late brunch appointment listed, I sat back in keen anticipation, with my glass of lime-honey, in the silence of my private space, where none dare venture(including doggy) unless invited, After the usual round of mixed emotions, over outrageous statements of fundamentalists, cheesy comments by film folk, what caught my attention was the news of Anousheh Ansari the first female space tourist, to spend 10 glorious days in ‘vacation’. Creditworthy, awe-inspiring, stuff which dreams are made of.

“I hope to inspire everyone—especially young people, women, and young girls all over the world, and in Middle Eastern countries that do not provide women with the same opportunities as men—to not give up their dreams and to pursue th

Atta girl!! It pleased me no end to read about the determination and her struggle to actualise a fairy-tale. Women were making great strides, I said to meself, they will only go higher..alls well with the world.

A minute,and a double take later, read of the Pakistani mother-daughter duo, Mumtaz Mai and Ghazala Shaheen, raped for 12 days, by 10 men, while in captivity. The captors were oh! so thoughtful to have assigned cause this time, lest one accuses them of being ruthless , I suppose.. Because Ghazala DARED TO BECOME EDUCATED!!.Mirali tribesmen, with the possible involvement of a Minister Of State, took personal offense on Ghazala passing her Masters in Education.

It was easy to keep the lime water down..breakfast,might would have led to a fiasco.

There is more.

Anurag Johri, a Lucknow born Indian Phd student, at a British University, battered his wife Deepti Anurag to death because she had become financially independent and had opted to leave him. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment by the Birmingham Crown Court. It has come to be dubbed as the ‘GOOGLE MURDER“, since Johri allegedly conducted an internet search on ‘how to kill with a baseball bat without being detected”…google obviouly failed to throw up a guaranteed result..he was caught!! A cctv captured in great detail this heinous act .

Words fail. One feels choked at the throat at the inexplicit emotion. Is it anger, disgust, hatred, helplessness, or plain resignation to the conclusion..”being born a woman is indeed a curse’ .

Some do soar the skies, in heavenly splendour, others fated to a damnation and death, worse than hell!!

We may have conquered space, yet have failed miserably in conquering our demons.

Any wonder then that one needs to consider seriously ‘newspaperless-ness as a way of life? Feeling of angst is all one can summon.


  1. both the incidents in pakistan and deepas had to do with the women being educated and turning independent..Why why why do these men feel so insecure long as the woman takes shit from them its fine..poor deepti..she looks so pretty and cute. its really sad ..even about ghazala and her mother.what was her crime?

    Comment by neha — September 17, 2006 @ 7:30 pm | Reply

  2. that anusheh is one lucky woman. Her interview was nice.

    As for deepti and the pak women…..its really disgusting. Men cannot tolerate the new woman. they want a replica of their motheror grand mother.But we shld not give up. we have to go on doing what we any case what are we doing?????? getting independent??

    Comment by puja — September 18, 2006 @ 9:16 am | Reply

  3. If one keeps in mind the difference in locations, rural Pakistan and United kingdom, and simultaneously the similarity of motivations, one is bound to infer that women are hopelessly disrespected and victimised irrespective of whether it is the so called progressive male (Johri was doing his PHd) or the illiterates.Absolutely inexcusable, deplorable and puja I agree..disgusting to the enth degree.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — September 18, 2006 @ 10:06 am | Reply

  4. The world gets to know only if a murder takes place. What about the harassment women face in their homes because of ego problems with her husband, everyday? If she earns money, she is hated, if she sits at home she is a good-for-nothing. If it is a no win situation.Men need to have their way, they keep trying just for that.

    Comment by anonymous — September 18, 2006 @ 10:44 am | Reply

  5. having spent a whole week without the media nowhere close, at a resort, I can vouch for the gentlemans discovery of truth.It is blissful. Just missed the sports page

    Comment by dilip — September 19, 2006 @ 12:02 am | Reply

  6. the google murder talk is all over. As a man I somehow find it difficult to relate to other men of this variety. Its ok to have tiffs , but this bludgeoning its crazy. Had he been a less educated dullard, it was understandable. But this guy was studying for his doctorate and his wife was enrolled for her MBA..I mean these were regular door types.How can a man be so revengeful over an ego has been touted.. beats me.. and is tragic.

    Comment by subhash — September 20, 2006 @ 5:10 pm | Reply

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