January 28, 2007

The Passing Away Of A Legend -O.P. Nayyar

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Kaveeta Kaul

Update: You can listen to the podcast of my tribute in a programme dedicated to the Legendary O.P. Nayyar on PodioIndia Ep 31

A truly sad day for Indian music.

This post which receives a record number of hits consistently, referred to by Google, never failed to amaze me at the sheer number who were in search for Nayyar Saheb even now. Today, however, it began receiving an unusually continuous string .

I knew then, maybe what I had feared for a while had happened…Had to mournfully update it.

The total number has crossed over five thousand , just on the link provided above. If anything this substantively proves that Nayyar Saheb was a maestro par excellence, whose memory and strains of melody, stirred our souls, filled it with a longing to know more about him, in a bid as if to connect with the man behind the music and creator of that magic.

Please read the link provided for details on the maestro and his life.

Famed music composer from Pakistan, Sohail Rana, one of his ghazals being the unforgettable ‘mujhe tum nazar se gira to rahey ho, mijhe tum kabhi bhi bhula na sakogey’ , visited the blog and speaks of the last call to O.P. Nayyar just a month ago..he pays an emotional tribute to him in the comment section of the post.

His adopted daughter Ashwini Karandikar too speaks, in the comment section .

Ashraft through his comment has informed us of his passion for O.P.Nayyar’s music and that he has laboriously collected every single song composed by the maestro. Incredible! True passion and grit which needs to be lauded. Priceless treasure is now his!

Siraj Khan who has been writing the biography of O.P.Nayyar Saheb, exclusive rights for which had been granted to him by the maestro, had commented on this post last year as well.. Please read his tribute and of his plans for the book.

View O.P. Nayyar-Not Forgotten. ( 13161 views- 708 comments )

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‘Guru’ Movie Review- Gurubhai Mani Ratnam

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Featured post at Sulekha

A friend, who is also a film maker, enquired of me conspiratorially, prior to the release of the film ‘Guru’ as to what were my reactions of the promos or rather what were the expectations from the film. The pre- release buzz which surrounds a film based on rather nebulous criteria, word of mouth gossip, disgruntled colleagues, envious peers, or the plain diabolic variety of ‘industrywallahs, who revel in pulling down any effort they feel threatened by either by sheer enormity of the project or sincerity in its making, is often hugely erroneous.

Since I correspond to none of the above mentioned categories, my assessment was based (more…)

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