January 12, 2007

Mahatama Gandhi-Just a Parody for Gautham Prasad

Filed under: opinions,This Gets To Me — Kaveeta Oberoi Kaul @ 3:15 pm

Kaveetaa Kaul

The visual of a Gandhi look alike pole dancing, making ridiculous gesticulations, brandishing a sword, running around in utter buffoonery caught my attention. It was a channel airing the clipping which a wannabe comedian Gautham Prasad has proudly broadcast on his site as an illustration of his skewed sense of comedy and which has been lappedup and linked to various other.

In his own words “He describes the performance as one of him dressing up in Gandhi’s clothes, then doing a slow stripping dance but falling short of nudity”… I guess here we are supposed to bow our heads and Praise the Lord..or rather Praise Prasad for his sensitivity in sparing the Mahatama of nudity! (more…)

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