January 17, 2007

‘Water’ In ‘RDB’ Out Of Oscar Race

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Ahhh well.. I was right after all . Results are out. ‘Rang De Basanti’ Indias entry, is out , Deepa Mehtas Canadian entry ‘Water’ is in. This is the pen-pen-ultimate round. Final nine, leading next to the final five which will be the official nominees.

My post ‘In Wait- Oscar’ to do with the film that might eventually create a stir at the Oscars, had ruled out RDB as a possibility, for reasons ennumerated therein. I had clearly mentioned ‘Water’ as a contender, although a Canadian entry, but taking over from the Indian entries in the foreign language film category.

Deepa Mehtas sure having the last laugh. She was hounded out of the country, not (more…)

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