February 13, 2007

Are The Truly Wealthy Truly Stingy?

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Kaveetaa Kaul

To me wealth would mean ‘having something which money cannot buy’.

Fortunately not many agree with this connotation. Or, how would there ever have been delightful stories of the ‘rich and famous’ their idiosyncrasies , fads and foibles, their escapades and escapism, slanders and slumbers, gossip and infamy, which cater to the entertainment industry across the globe. Its sooo much fun to return from a drudgery of the mundane kind, put your feet up and lose yourself in the inanities of the ‘other world’, where the most pressing issue is caring for the multi million dollar estate. So you see, the wealthy serve a purpose as well..doling out vicarious pleasure to the millions ’bout their millions.

Now when alluding to ‘wealthy’ I mean the Really Seriously, Unthinkably Wealthy.. chosen few..the kind who own villas all over the globe, jet set hi fliers, breakfast in Spain and lunch in Miami kinda guys. As luck would have it..sigh.. (more…)

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