December 20, 2007

Choking Game Of Death: Gaurang Dalvi

Is there a parallel universe revolving agitatedly around, which we ignoramuses know nothing about? There most certainly is if one is to go by the modus operandi to acquire a ‘high’..beyond all highs.. so much so that it sends you scuttling across the boundaries of life. I am angry and not in the least bit satirical. This is serious stuff.

Kids, barely into their teens , or not, are experimenting with a ‘choking game’, one in which the blood supply to the brain is cut off for a few moments that induces a light headedness, resulting in what they interpret as a ‘high’. Frankly, I choked on assimilation of this news. What the %^$# is the world coming to? This ‘high’ had sunk indeterminedly ‘low ‘ , low low.

I am yet to come to terms with it . Its been a few days since 13 year old Gaurang Dalvi was reported dead in his Shivaji park residence, reportedly after playing this ‘dare’ with his friends. A student of Bombay Scottish, his mother a teacher in the same school was present in the adjoining room. Can you beat that? Apparently his gang of friends had learnt of the method on the internet, where its ubiquitousness is most disturbing. Getting ‘high’ on the highway to death.. just for kicks. We humans are so deprived of the ‘real thing’.. so much so our kids sense that pretty quick , then trying to look for their own means ..When kids go berserk, adults have to hang their heads in shame.! When a kid like Gaurang Dalvi gets a ‘high’ on death its time we adults sit up and take cognisance of where we are headed as a nation and a society. India the land of seers and sages , the birthplace of wisdom, is losing out to insanity.

He was the first to venture, while one of his friends , or he personally, may have tightened the noose around his neck to cut off supply to his brain. ‘Brain dead’ is what the parents and teachers of that school seem to be . The child was just exploiting his freedom to dare.Sorry, if you think the above statement is downright crude, well.. Like I said ..I am angry.

For the second time: Just what is the world coming to? How is it that parents and in in this case the mother who is also a teacher has no clue to the activities of her child, his interests, his friends? How is it that he feels the need to experience a ‘high’ in this day and age when so much is available to trigger their interests, spur their potential and open up avenues of disbursing energy creatively? What is the extent of freedom demarcated to kids? Are parents now putty in the hands of their child’s tantrums and extreme demands? Just what caliber of a teacher is she ? Look this is not meant to cast aspersions on her in particular. But if this is a symptom of ineffective, irresponsible, callous parenting and teaching then the issue has to be addressed accordingly.

It would be a crying shame if Gaurang Dalvis tragic death is reduced to another statistic or quirky accident. It is a clarion call to the teaching fraternity to look inwards. There is something obviously wrong there. Teachers have involved themselves in eking out a living from tuitions, apart from classroom fees. The days of ‘guru shishya’ parampara are as obsolete as the banyan trees underneath the shade of which education was imparted as a matter of personal integrity. Today teaching is a business or a job like any other.

So while teachers are looking for their ‘highs’ in income bracket, kids are finding it in choking games.

From personal experience, if a parent today is not in complete knowledge of the kids whereabouts, activities, friends, interests, his weaknesses, strengths, it amounts to an Criminal parent. If you bring a child into this world, then you bloody well make him your First and Only priority. There is no place for laxity in discipline and not room for a whiff of carelessness. Often , if not always the price is too high…

One can still recall the simplicity of our childhood where a ‘high’ if interpreted anachronistically was perhaps a box of imported crayons, or a visit to the circus or movies with a gastronomical treat added on. Just when and how did the connotation of a ‘high’ take root in the absurdities and morbidities of a skewed brain, is beyond ones comprehension.

Are we progressing? Is India posited for greatness? Is it at the cost of innocence? A simple life, well lived, will soon be a novelty, a fairy tale and a mirage in the desert…high up and beyond… SAD!

Twinkle twinkle little star how I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high..

how did you get that ‘high’ ..the little diamond in the sky?


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  1. You have said most of what I wanted to say on the matter. It has shocked me and my family. The nursery rhyme in this context was touching kaveetaa.

    Comment by dilip — December 20, 2007 @ 5:40 pm | Reply

  2. Choking game of death: Gaurang dalvi

    children on a high leading to death ..choking their frigging nerves to stop blood supply to brain.. it freaked me out.

    Trackback by — December 20, 2007 @ 5:43 pm | Reply

  3. we don have balance sachiniti.. everytime i get on to harp on the same string – india shining, coz it really isnt..
    i agree wit u totally in the sentiments, the anger, the fear/pain n the concern… but the question remains.. as a clan, how matured are we? maturity is not like the fixed dep’ interest, growing wit time!
    i don know if the mother in question was busy in the currencies of life, or even the dad too caught up in the trafficx of the maximum city to know if his son even needed a high. ha! is this high?? n then it seems his pals called him up n giggled over the phone asking ‘gaurang are u dead yet’!!! n imagine the sonz maa answering the phone… these varied dimns. of pain n the creativity with whic pain is washing all over, makes me scared!
    even if u try can u monitor every move of ur kid, rather even, is it fair? when do u leave ur kid n say ya! now hez gonna manage his boat??! in coll hostel, outta home for the first time, people have gone high n dry.. gone into all sorts of moni issues etc etc…

    where are we going? where are we aimin to go.. my heart goes out to the maa but then i hope she had been loyal to her role.. still u cant scan the life of a growing lad.. ya, the whole parents-best frnds-teachers, three legs of the tripod thingy.. skewed, as usual, its india… n here pain rules!
    too high to even pull him back huh

    Comment by saptarshi — December 20, 2007 @ 10:42 pm | Reply

  4. Dilip, glad u agree 🙂

    Sapt, yes..its not always easy to monitor your kids every move, which only gets tougher as the wings grow and adolescence and puberty are left behind. But its not impossible. it does not have to be a claustrophobic kinda invasion of his privacy. Just a dedicated look into his psyche, insiduously performed, lovingly cajoled and kindly monitored. Its extremely important to be ‘best friends’ with him/her especially at this age.And lets not overlook the importance of inculcation of values which comes by example setting and long talks , peppered with humor and instances which grab his attention and his imagination. Its a laborious time consuming effort, with no holidays and no absolutely no room for lethargy. I speak from personal experience Sapt.

    This incident was truly a shocker for us. try as i may i somehow felt that parents were not involved in the day to day development and growth of the child.Look through the history of a drug abuser kid or one with questionable activities and you will almost always get to unfold an unhealthy familial environment, immature parenting, neglect. Exceptions are always there but by and large that is the case. freedom if not curtailed or if not limited, and given in doses, is only a road to perdition… hell.

    I am extremely fond of kids. i love to spend time with all age groups especially 0-18.. they are a pleasure to interact with and a glimpse of what the world is evolving into. happily for me in my immediate environment, i have not felt concerned generally. They are an inspiring lot, brilliant in their uniqueness. So what goes wrong with the others? Mostly, I would like to reiterate. IRRESPONSIBLE PARENTING! In this particular case.. he was 13!! Where was the need for so much freedom!

    If the roots are fed right, watered right, plant kept in the shade in the early period and slowly exposed to the thrives. I have a garden, loved tenderly. Kids are no different. Wean them into the ways of the world, expose them bit by bit, scare them if necessary, exaggeratedly at times of wrong moves, but lovingly hold on their hands, hug them often and remind them you are always there, much like the huge sprawling tree which gathers within itself shade, despite the soaring temperatures a few feet away. Parents are caretakers… nurses..but devout ones.

    India is gathering momentum.. we are at a peculiar transitional stage right now.. moreso for youth. Things will settle down. But warnings have to be given. A wrong has to be denounced strongly and a right congratulated with as much gusto. Much like an adolescent youth , India is just about gaining adulthood. Paradoxical I know, considering we were the tree of enlightenment for civilisations down the ages. But it has been buried in neglect. time to resurrect… slowly and surely.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — December 21, 2007 @ 2:29 pm | Reply

  5. loved the way u have replied..
    n i agree.. just that, i have always felt a need to be able to take ur own call – n know watz the heights of life. i had once asked my dad when he started smoking.. my maa was there arnd.. he said, in college.. n then my maa burst out u know… smoking is something she cant tolerate 🙂 she told me, if ever u smoke, ill skin u alive.. n she sounded so damn funny, we had a laugh over it.. but then my dad said..’no, if ever u wanna smoke, its ur call.. i won ask u not to, coz i do it.. u shud know watz rite for u..’ he has given up now, tatz besides the point but tatz what i have lived thru… n its always worked for me.
    life is so much more fluid when u know tat ur the master n commander. the social ills, the do’s n dont’s r there on the chart.. by the time ur 10, 12, 14 u know the commandments. kids have parents who balance the work n home.. tatz ideal but then they never certify if couples are parentable or not n even the kiddo cant choose the set of people he’d fall into – it mite be a little braggish but then… we all know deep down that somethingz rite, somethingz wrong… but then we do it. n then, its the individual who shud bear the after-effects..
    its sad.. n all for even peer pressure.. so much for friendships n crap! when we grow up, we grow out also- mentally. parents can be the best frnds n know all tatz there in our lives but still… its all a mind impulse n there, u cant have a control.
    as a parent, i can see what u have very passionately said.. maybe it’d take me some (quite some!) years to get tat angle but as just outta the growing up stage, all i know is.. i have always been charge of my boat n tat has made me drive it wit the highs n lows of teh tide.. too fast, sometimes very slow but never outta control..
    n india shining.. hmmm…. i wud love to be on the wrong side, to accept tat the country is/has charged ahead.. as of now, seems all too messed up.

    Comment by saptarshi — December 21, 2007 @ 3:49 pm | Reply

  6. a gr8 talk indeed..
    seriously.. do we have a slightest idea abt where our new genreration is going?
    take my case – i was in 6th standard and i was sexually abused by my cousins who were on short a visit 2 india..[by d way,i am a boy].. out of fears or shame ,i cudnt tell my parents.. so frm that day onwards,i was scrared of boys,kept myself distant from all frenz,n wrapped myself in my own world of books n comics..parents had no idea as i was topper in school..after taht,i came 2 this so called ‘educational hub’of india city,pune.. after yrs of lonliness in school n hometown,finally i got my own group..parties,late nights n wat not..drinking,smoking,gang bangs.. then one night i had sex with my fellow roommate.. this was a newfound high.. nothing excited me as much as this,, fter that,it was like an habit..seducing n screwin evry other was like a fix for a drug addict..
    i failed in 2nd yr.. got an opportunity 2 hav an insight.. did counselling.. meditation..enrolled into a gym.. gave up smoking..reduced drinking.. living as a closet a bisexual now..
    parents had no idea of what i was doing. they tried every source 2 fnd out where i was going wrong..but i kept a totally false image of being a sincere boy at they had no clue..all this time i suffered alone.. but when i hear these stories.. its like old wounds flowing algain..

    u cant blame parents..
    u cant blame kids…
    things happen.. surrounding environment n company [which plays an imp part in growing up] matters most..
    then its upto indivisual- whether he fights or succumbs !

    Comment by prateek,pune. — December 21, 2007 @ 4:38 pm | Reply

  7. Yeah sapt..I do acknowledge the fact that the bottom line is its a personal journey..Is it pre-destined ? highly debatable. How much of a role do parents play then? Is their contribution or the lack of it as if redundant? If its a personal choice leading to a personal growth , then the coincidence that we are born to a certain set of parents is destined as well. But it boils down to finding a solution.. which we basically have no business doing considering that the world chugs along irrespective. But events like these demand a certain analysis.. or we fell as if puppets on an unhinged string.

    Dear Prateek,

    It requires a great amount of courage to speak up. You have shown a strength of character, no mistake on that.

    In the final analysis, I think we can categorise people into two main sets. Those who have been able to overcome and those who did not. Your ability to overcome and proceed is commendable and highly indicative that the road ahead is lit well, thus cautioning you on further pitfalls. yes… things happen. It is true. I believe there is just a single purpose to life and ‘becoming’ as in being a ‘being’…which is learning, leading to growth. We all have a certain configuration, unique as can possibly be which determines what our journey will incorporate.

    I am glad you are a fighter… and no matter how difficult it may have been,the odds clearly visible, you refused to surrender..BRAVO!
    keep it up..God Bless!!

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — December 21, 2007 @ 6:26 pm | Reply

  8. hey kav, those words were touching..
    it took me 10yrs [or better put,my precious teenage yrs].. ‘ve had enough for myself.. i’ve had a supporting family n frenz n right guidance but think abt those innocent kids [souls] who are still going through this pain..

    take a look @this stats..
    “India has the world’s largest number of sexually abused children, with a child below 16 raped every 155th minute, a child below 10 every 13th hour, and at least one in every 10 children sexually abused at any point in time.”

    i was raped by some 13-14yrs old guys.. in recent ‘choking’ case,it was 13yr children who played with themselves..this is the phase of sexual awareness in pre-teenagers..the external media’s like TV,internet,movies[porns] plays a big part..
    the point is – should a child discuss these issues [sex abuse,drugs or regarding such]with parents.. cuz these things r considered as taboo.. even@the age of 10,i knew sex shud not b discussed,it was considered bad..
    2.wat should b done to resolve this commn. gap?

    — i dunno where our society is heading towards.. [or as in Hindu epics- Kalyug].
    but there are few good ppl who make life better..
    Hope never dies !

    Comment by prateek,pune. — December 21, 2007 @ 7:23 pm | Reply

  9. Prateek those stats are…mildly put… staggering!! Depravity a human face is one of the most demoralising aspects of human existence. Its sad that prevalence has grown indirect proportion to progress in material terms. It sets off such a chain of questions.. existential quizzing..mind boggling.

    You have raised some serious issues here.Imho, there ought to be NOTHING taboo between parents and kids. It defeats the purpose of being a family.This is what i meant by responsible parenting wherein a child approaches the parents over any issue, regardless of consequences or its core.This can only occur with a trust build up…especially in those delicate years when hormones play their deadly game and danger lurks at every corner. if everything to do with abuse, centers around sex, then how can that topic not be of utmost importance between parents and children.

    Often, its parents themselves who are in urgent need of education to deal with this aspect effectively and persuasively. Their mindset and attitude if it betrays even the slightest hint of distaste over the word ‘sex’ and its implications, children receive confused signals. on one hand media, movies, friends, society goes ga ga over it and on the other parents turn up their noses , outwardly, no matter the degree of obsession they might have themselves or the level of enjoyment. This is hypocrisy with fatal results.

    In days of yore when kamasutra was considered a piece of divine literature, when sexual suggestions adorned temple walls, children in such a milieu may have been so comfortable discussing the details as and when questions arose. Its never the wrong time to discuss sex with kids.. albeit with restraint, clinically, with an attempt to clear doubts and notions as pragmatically as possible.. depending on age of the kid. What possible loss can be there from such a discussion. Contrarily as you have pointed, lack of it has disastrous results. One’d rather face a little embarassment trying to find the right words to explain the concept of sex then face misery after a child , not previously warned becomes a victim of horrendous wolves.

    It all boils down to parenting.. again.. least a matter of doing ones best, plugging all loopholes, envisaging a mean world and teaching your kid to cope, alongside NEVER trusting another individual with your child…No nights out.. no relatives getting too close for comfort..that has been a mantra my parents adopted and which I diligently follow. You never know who eyes your child with what intention.. sadly as your experience has proven.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — December 21, 2007 @ 7:54 pm | Reply

  10. couldnt agree more..
    there are many things worth changing in this world..
    n yeah,liked your way of writing realastic events in simple[analytic/fierce/etc..] words..
    keep up the good work..
    Adios !

    Comment by prateek,pune. — December 21, 2007 @ 8:24 pm | Reply

  11. This is, indeed, disturbing. Reading this brought back memories of my youth, when a close friend would get a “high” out of putting his finger into electrical outlets. He liked the “jolt” it gave him.

    I pray I can raise my children with the wisdom to know the difference…

    Wishing you many blessings, happiness and peace in the New Year!

    Comment by mapiprincesa — January 1, 2008 @ 1:44 am | Reply

  12. Hi Mapiprincesa..So good to hear from you.

    As for the ‘jolting’ experience…’shocks’ never cease do they! What next.. I wonder.. waiting to get kicked via a bolt from the blue?

    I am sure..almost certain that you will strike it right with your kids. A good hearted, sensitive parent, whose soul reflects in her wisdom can never go wrong.

    Thanks for the good wishes..Wish you the same.. manifold.



    Comment by kaveetaakaul — January 2, 2008 @ 10:47 pm | Reply

  13. Hey kavita,
    Mrs. Dalvi taught me when i went to BSS.She’s a really good art teacher. She taught me well over 4 years. Its not right to blame her parental skills. Do you realize what trauma she goes through right now? She’s lost her son! Instead of consoling her you are trying to crticize her? Its really easy to hide stuff from parents. He was in grade 8, an adolescent. At this time teenagers experiment.They’re not always what they show. I should know, I’m in grade 10. Maybe, he was under peer pressure. Bombay Scottish School is a very high profile school. One is under constant pressure. I studied in BSS for nine years before coming to canada. Its hard to survive at this school. Theres just so much competitiveness. Especially the studies, their crazy. Even with high eighties, I stood 17th in the class. You know what? You are just trying to use this topic to show how glorious your ideas are. Well, if you are so concerned, hold workshops for teenagers, go talk to parents, go console that weeping mother. Don’t talk big, trying to sell ur website.

    Comment by Similie — January 18, 2008 @ 4:34 am | Reply

  14. Not worthy of a response. Nonetheless would srongly suggest ‘RE-READ’. If yet the anguish, concern, passion for the subject cannot be discerned, then your sensibilities and sensitivities are below par.Being a mother of an 18 yr.old the topic necessitates urgent attention.I am fully aware of the current situation in Mumbai.That is only an excuse..not a solution.

    When parents enrol their children in such schools fully cognisant of the reputation, then what they are in effect doing is massaging their egos. If the school does not impart education in its right connotation what is stopping them from changing it? Why did not you go elsewhere? Is Scottish the only school in Mumbai? I was a student of Maneckji Cooper and so was my daughter. There were equal pressures there. Its as fancy, as snobbish..if not more. But we were forewarned, pre warned strictly under parental supervision..both as a child and a parent. One is then oriented to coping or trained to do so. WE emerged better as citizens, as well as human beings.I can go on citing examples validating my point. But I sense you are stuck on defending your teacher.. which is not the issue. At a larger macro level, she is the archetype and was referred to as such. This is NOT about Gaurang only but a plea so that other incidents are avoided.

    I dont have a blinkered approach stand towards issues I highlight and cannot understand when people like you adopt that approach.

    I feel, therefore I write ..its my prerogative and my right. At best a drop in the ocean, at least, not a faked identity with a vitriol-ish response such as yours.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — January 18, 2008 @ 8:45 am | Reply

  15. Similie, thank you so much for saying what I thought when reading that blog ! Kaveetaakaul’s judgment concerns actually herself.

    Comment by Anne Guedes — January 22, 2008 @ 8:07 am | Reply

  16. Most certainly it is of concern to me and concerns me. One tries not to be a bigoted hypocrite by absolving oneself and others as only a hypocrite would do, of highlighting this issue so that millions of mothers may be spared the anguish and angst of Gaurangs mother.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — January 22, 2008 @ 9:28 am | Reply

  17. Dear Kaveetaa,

    I cannot even begin to tell you just how thankful i am to you for this post. I am not in a happy position. My parents although together were as if strangers in the same house. I was divided between the two with each fighting to get my attention but forgetting to give me any. i was made to take sides and in the end i found myself alone. I took to drugs and ‘highs’ of all kinds.

    I only wish mothers would think the way you do. When you write
    “If the roots are fed right, watered right, plant kept in the shade in the early period and slowly exposed to the thrives. I have a garden, loved tenderly. Kids are no different. Wean them into the ways of the world, expose them bit by bit, scare them if necessary, exaggeratedly at times of wrong moves, but lovingly hold on their hands, hug them often and remind them you are always there, much like the huge sprawling tree which gathers within itself shade, despite the soaring temperatures a few feet away. Parents are caretakers… nurses..but devout ones.”..I am choked with emotion..
    I showed this post to my mom..She was silent but I am sure she saw the point. I believe I could have been a normal boy with a normal life had my parents bothered to retain normalcy and CARED FOR ME!!!!!!!
    Mothers who neglect their children and expect not to be blamed are the ones shouting the MOST HERE.You guys are exposing yourselves. If you cannot tutor a child right, cannot love him, nurture him.. kill him at birth. But for Gods sake blame yourselves and not the kids..

    Comment by Norman — January 23, 2008 @ 12:10 am | Reply

  18. Norman, among the “highs” you experimented, have you done the choking game ?

    Comment by Anne Guedes — January 23, 2008 @ 2:15 am | Reply

  19. I am a teacher by education, but have not chosen it as a profession reasons for which do not matter here. I agree with kaveetaa kaul when she states that good parenting, foundation building is the crux of the matter. It all begins at home.My son was in bad company which I got to know of in time since there is little which is hidden from me.I can say for sure had I been careless about knowledge of his friends anything could have happened. It is not enough to ‘think’ you are a responsible parent but have to BE one. Hands- on parenting is very important where you have to be in the mind of the child till an age where your groundwork has taken fruition and he is responsible enough. We have to be literally feeling his thoughts and make them our own so as to understand him. If we ourselves are parents too busy with our lives and emotions it is our problem. Those who feed, clothe, educate and love their child and think it is enough, are living in a fools paradise…like some of the commenters above. Such kind of mindless out bursts can come only from ‘guilt’ or from those who have missed the point totally. It is not about One Gaurang and One Mrs. Dalvi…Grow up kids!!

    Comment by Jayshree Kapoor — January 23, 2008 @ 9:20 am | Reply

  20. There are all kinds that make a world..abonimably so. I notice that a clutch of women are desperately mailing each other and coming here via those mails to vent. i suggest that these women either focus on the topic under debate adopting decorum and respect or quit.

    There is no comment moderation on this blog but that does not interpret as an invitation to attack viciously. A modicum of civility must be adhered to, Debate, discuss, disagree. You are most welcome to do so. It provides a platform to share ideas and an education. But language, tone and manner if not in keeping with 3000 odd comments on this blog of over 250 posts, such comments will be deleted.

    Anne Gudes.. The article enumerates exactly the contention of my post.

    Norman.. I am so touched by your candid revelation. I have sent you a personal email. Thanks

    Hi Jayshree..thanks for seeing light 🙂 I loved your response.

    “It is not enough to ‘think’ you are a responsible parent but have to BE one. Hands- on parenting is very important where you have to be in the mind of the child till an age where your groundwork has taken fruition and he is responsible enough.”.. true..true. And yes merely feeding, clothing, educating or loving a child is not enough.



    Comment by kaveetaakaul — January 23, 2008 @ 1:31 pm | Reply

  21. #Anne..yes of course I have tried the ‘game’.that is what led me here.It is a critical stage the youth world is in. better understand that. i am angry…very angry at the way i was allowed to meander. i had no hook to keep me at home. And all the while being told “i love you Normie’ made me cringe. It wasnt love for me .it was just a duty bound dialogue meaningless and cold.!!

    Comment by Norman — January 23, 2008 @ 10:22 pm | Reply

  22. Norman, I’ve met quite a few practionners of the choking game. All French, because that’s my country. And none of them ever related this to a delusive relation with his or her mother or father. So you’re a kind of an exception…
    Be careful with the game, and never overventilate before doing it, because it makes it even more dangerous : the rate of CO2 in the gas mixture you have in your lungs gets down… and welle that’s the increase of CO2 in your lungs that induces the breathing reflex. Those who die don’t even feel one second before that they’re going to collapse.

    Comment by Anne Guedes — January 24, 2008 @ 1:40 am | Reply

  23. hey, no offence n all but i think what ur sayin is jus airheaded comments… i kenw gaurang n i went to skool wid him… n the days b4 he died he was perfectly normal…..he joked around as usual played pranks n all… so how was anyone supposed to tell that he was gonna choke himself??…v rnt really physicic u kno…… n whats all this crap abt blaming mrs. dalvi??? shes like da best teacher that eva walked the surface of the earth…. n she was a wonderful mom.. i know that cause gaurang sumtimes spoke of how cool she was… n now shes shattered.. i met her after gaurangs death n she was in peices…… hasnt she been through enough? her only son dies, she is tormented by reporters asking her how she felt…HOW SHE FELT….. do u really think that she deserves to b blamed 4 her sons death??… i dont… our skool is one of da best in india…. they ensure that v get get the finest education in the best environment…. v even hav counsellors…….. what more cud they hav done to prevent the suicide of a boy who was perfectly normal n didnt seem suicidal at all???? ….. u guys seem to think that v r jus kids or too young to understand what life is….. trust me most of us have more common sense than all of u combined…. i dunno why gaurang did what he did…. but i strongly believe that it was jus an act of quriosity prompted by his friends WHO DIDNT GO TO SCOTTISH… SO STOP TRYING TO THROW MUCK AT THE SKOOL…. im not jus saying this 4 fun i know what kind of ppl exist in scottish…. n i am sure to here of any gossip that goes around… n jus bcuz gaurang did it doesnt mean that all of us r going to do it….. even i am deeply hurt by gaurangs death but that doesnt gimme the right to make accusations or point fingers…. n i feel that ppl who dont kno much about this case should STAY OUT OF IT …

    Comment by xyz — February 28, 2008 @ 1:14 am | Reply

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