August 18, 2008

Bigg Boss 2 Is On

Never has the incipience of nemesis been proven as potently as with the inclusion of Jade Goody in this BIGG Boss season 2 with Shilpa Shetty now as Boss when not so long ago the latter faced racial attacks of the crassiest level from the former at the Big Brother counterpart where Shilpa was a mere inmate. That it helped catapult Shilpa into a league of a Superstar internationally softens the incident drastically.

Reality shows are here to stay. Not an avid idiot box fan, I confess the show has its entertainment quotient graphed high even if it only serves to reflect that we savour our fellow humans making a rollicking spectacle of themselves as the lustful lure of ‘green’ beckons. There is no other sane explanation as to its popularity across the globe, across all demographics, cultures, ethos, countries.

There is a curious mix this season, multifarious mindsets, personalities and backgrounds all 14 of them imprisoned in this bivouac for the next 84 days or thereabouts, depending of course on the eviction each week. Not much interested in second guessing the winner what grabs me is the revelation of inner demons that so accurately surfaces as days go by, unfailingly.

Despite the noble intentions of the inmates on entering this convuluted albeit capacious House, their pugnacious self soon emerges, insiduously triggered by the format of the programme and the sly manoevuring of the programmers.

Two politicians make ther entry as well, which was one of the most surprising of all. Rahul mahajan, the recently divorced son of the late Promod Mahajan and Sanjay Nirupam, the spitfire politician who claims that it is an effort from his side to convey to us imbecilic masses that netas are human too and clean hearted (!)

Each of the contestants has a history that is controversial as much as infamous, yet it would be worthwhile to witness first hand how the devil slowly spins his web into their minds deviously transforming a cheery, boisterous, effervescent motley group into a scheming, devising, politicking lot where mere survival at the House dictates every move, making selfish insecure concerns demolish their beatific demeanours  so eagerly displayed on arrival.

Raja Chowdhury the estranged husband of Shweta Tiwari whose only claim to fame has been just the aforementioned link, didnt lose time in exposing his traits. Believe it or not his first sentence to ketaki dave on enetering the home was he just perfromed a dance with Shilpa on stage, unknowing of the fact that WE were tuned in and it was a blatant lie..which Shilpa pointed out without mincing words ” safed Jhooth”.

Oh well.. picture abhi baaki hai mere dost..Seriatim lissom nymphettes will display fangs as much as studs would claws..The Boss is up to no good 🙂

The contestants in order of appearance:

Ketki Dave
Zulfi Sayed
Rakhee Vijan
Monica Bedi
Raja Chaudhari
Rahul Mahajan
Sambhavna Seth
Ehsaan Qureshi
Aleena Wadia
Payal Rohatgi
Sanjay Nirupam
Jade Goody

Notice Jade goody was called last.. I guess someone at BB is deriving their cheap thrills by getting her to wait for hours. Must mention shilpas dignified act on meeting her adversary face to face. Not a hint of venom or veiled sarcasm. ‘Kill them with kindness’ seemed to be her mantra .. and why not? If it hadnt been for Jade, Shilpa would still be confined to the -C roles she was being offered! She is destinys child  without a doubt, superbly toned, incredibly lucky and glowing with all that fate has to offer.

And she deserves to be BIgg Boss..unquestioningly. Adversity can be a friend.

So ..for the next three months India is glued while the channel rakes in the moolah simply because ..well.. we are  shamelessly voyeuristic.

Update 19th August 2008: Jade Goody leaves BIGG BOSS. After just two days participation Jade has had to leave for Britain since she has been diagnosed with cervical cancer. Now that is extremely tragic and a most unexpected turn of events.
Question that arises is about the timing of the test. How come results came in just two days after the show? When and where were the tests conducted? It would be hopeless and thoroughly disappointing to be told that in fact this was known earlier and has only been declared now to add on to the sensational value . will keep you posted.

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  1. This was quite a psychlogical take on BB. never thought of it like this but now that you speak of it..quite true. Voyeurs we are..and Monica Bedi is someone I would like to be a peeping tom to ….kidding.

    Comment by dilip — August 18, 2008 @ 6:38 pm | Reply

  2. […] Update 18th August 2008: BIGG BOSS 2 Nemesis strikes. […]

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  3. Yesterday Raja and sanjay nirupam faced rough time from others..most probably Raja is going to be voted out in first week itself.He seems very complexed and artificial.

    Comment by Neha — August 19, 2008 @ 12:00 pm | Reply

  4. Dilip, glad you sensed the detour 🙂 It sooo boring to keep harping on just the obvious.Monica bedi seems to be the queen of hearts at least presently. What a far cry from her Abu Salem days when she was looked on as nothing but a gangsters moll. She comes across as someone who is quite simple..unless she is a great actress. My bet is on her, Ketaki Dave and Rahul mahajan. His talkathon is quite winning in its egolessness..or is this also a ploy! Arrrgghh..its too complicated.

    Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — August 19, 2008 @ 2:05 pm | Reply

  5. Neha ..I saw the episode.Frankly somewhere I feel really sorry for raja. Nothing seems to be going right for him. yes he may not be the best person to be around at such a time, where camaraderie and help is needed. He is acting difficult and stubborn putting on starry airs and generally being mulish. But all of this seems to be a person crying out for acceptance and someone who lacks self confidence. his ego is bruised badly. I wish he finds it in himself to learn from this experience and grow..spiritually and emotionally.

    Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — August 19, 2008 @ 2:08 pm | Reply

  6. […] Update 18th August 2008: Raja Chaudhary part of BIG BOSS 2 […]

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  7. Sanjay Nirupam is being really nasty.. I dont like him. Raja is like a saint in front of him.he is playing politics all the time and was rude to Sambhavna and also rahul. Why does he have to be so judgemental? Im sure he just sits back and the others do all the work.He will definitely get out. I have voted :)I dont know what to make of Monica bedi..yeah like you said either she is a very great actress or then this is the way she is. Payal Rohatgi gives me the creeps. Imagine getting up in the morning while others are brushing their teeth she is applying foundation!!!!!!!She will go soon take it from me.

    Comment by Neha — August 21, 2008 @ 12:43 pm | Reply

  8. Rahul mahajan is a pain in the house.
    He should stop interfering in everyones life and mind his own business.

    Comment by rani — August 22, 2008 @ 7:27 pm | Reply

  9. Neha..your hunch proved right. Sanjay Nirupam failed to win over hearts and was evicted despite the political clout and the fact that the not so popular Raja was opposite him, It quite surprised me.

    raja is putting up a dignified act post the first day. he is controlled, calm and moderate in his speech and manner.Hmmm..quite confusing actually if one was to match this temperament with what one has seen in the av’s of news channels. What one can deduce is that people are never all black or white.. but shades of grey. When situations provoke each reacts according to their basic nature.

    Hi Rani,
    Why do you make the above remark? Any examples? From whatever I have seen he is a friendly in a harmless sort of way and quite simple in his manner.

    Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — August 25, 2008 @ 12:53 pm | Reply

  10. Someone called Pitroda has copy pasted this blog on to his site.

    Juvenile!! I have posted a comment on his blog. He is a newbie and therefore failed to realise how simple it is to get caught.

    Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — August 27, 2008 @ 7:55 am | Reply

  11. You frightened the guy enuf to paste a ink fianlly..hahaha

    This time the BB is quite excitement na? everyone is looking bored also,

    Comment by Neha — September 1, 2008 @ 2:19 pm | Reply

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