June 5, 2006

Hissing Groom

Filed under: India n Me,Random — Kaveeta Oberoi Kaul @ 2:30 pm

The worlds an assortment of strange events, some funny some horrendous, others tragic and some weird. Yet others which defy least to me. I am flummoxed. Maybe one of you can provide us with a clue .

It was recently reported that a woman got married to a snake. A story I read on Indianpad.

What could have been her motivation? Was it truly a choice? Honestly I cannot decide whether amusement is the reaction I feel or despair at this example of Indian tradition (it is not the first) so rooted in beliefs which trigger queries whether progress in India is ever going to arrive at the doorsteps of our villagers, or will there always be a disparity of such giant proportions between metro life and rural life?

Oh well.. atleast it will keep her safe from in-laws..No dowry death for this maiden!

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