June 6, 2006

Eunuchs..Time to Integrate?

Filed under: India n Me,Most Read,Of men women and Eunuchs,Random,This Gets To Me — Kaveeta Oberoi Kaul @ 11:52 am

Read this report on the BBC page .

The picture that comes to mind on hearing the term “Eunuch” is spontaneously one of a garishly dressed, overly madeup, loud gestured err.. person. What never fails to mesmerise me though is that much acclaimed and popularised hand clap, which has become a trade mark, thanks to the numerous Indian films incorporating it either to add color or lend a comic interlude. It was almost unbelievably vibrant, that hand clap, and so effortlessly did they sound their arrival. No need for ring tones there. At the risk of being looked upon as ‘silly’, I’d like to confess that I have spent many an hour trying to reproduce it with the same clarity and sharpness. That I have failed miserably, may also be noted. (more…)

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