June 23, 2006

Army Officer Susmita Chakraborty Commits Suicide

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News of a suicide triggers off a feeling of intrigue as to the circumstances, first and foremost, followed by sadness at the finality of the act which negated hope. It is the strongest of all statements made by a human being expressing disgust, hopelessness and defeat. Silently.
When the suicide happens to be of a woman army oficer,(not the first in recet times) Susmita Chakraborty all the above emotions get amplified. The fact that she had opted fo (more…)

June 22, 2006

At The Receiving End

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The BMC and its officiandos, with their activities or rather lack of it have been the bane of many a life in Mumbai. We suffer in the manner guided by our ‘tattvas'(attributes)..’Satvik’ mind would take the ignominies with beatific calm serenity exuding demeanour, The ‘Tamasik” would drown further into depression and defeat, while the ‘Rajsik’ would take it as a clarion call to rid the scene of these corrupt creatures.. Where is the connection between Hinduism and B.M.C.? Heres another reaction to ineptitude of governing officials when citizens apart from pulling their hair in disgust, also turn to philosophy for help and guidance.

Just read the plight of two women who have been harassed beyond narration.

Please do your best in whatever capacity..

From my side, a strongly worded correspondence is going to reach the concerned officials soon.

Any coincidence that the suffering ‘two’ happen to be women?? Again!

June 21, 2006

Ah-Ah Not Kaveeta Kaul but Kaveetaa Kaul

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Whats in a might ask.. a rose by any other smells as sweet, or whatever.

But humans are allowed a few quirks .. distinguishable ones.
For me, its to do with being called Kaveetaa ( mark the extra a) and not Kaveeta, not kavita either.

Believe it or not, there is already another Kavita Kaul..bless well as a kaveeta..

Not that it was the reason for my christening, just offered as proof of the propriety of my decision:)

To avoid favour of all involved..wish therfore to clarify once is Kaveetaa Kaul of Sachiniti.

So google away pals.. Kaveetaa Kaul…welcomes you to her world!

Kiss And Learn

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So, here I was , incensed, fuming cursing and muttering at “that Mika”, the sick Sikh, for taking advantage of Rakhi (Sawant), yanking her head back, planting a kiss on her mouth, amidst cheering crowds and a distraught Rakhi,expressing protest, which was totally disregarded, only to be subjugated to an action re-play!!!!!

“I dont believe this”..said me.”After all, she has a right to say No..How dare he make a (more…)

June 18, 2006

Armed with Malice

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My experience in blogging has been enlightening in a lot of ways.The blogosphere is only a microcosm and a reflection of the macrocosm. Its not so difficult to understand why there are wars and communal breakouts and prejudices and all the pettiness which dictates a stooping down of human character which defies any logical rationale .

I have had the good fortune to meet some really humane, progressive and enlightened (more…)

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