July 6, 2007

Police Apathy Drives Indian Housewife Pooja Chauhan To Strip


Notice the giddy smirks from the two in red! perhaps it ought to have been their sister!


Kaveeta Kaul

The most essential ingredient needed to survive in a sere environment, where mild pleas are dismissed, protests if not validated by money/ muscle power , ignored, torture rubbished, is nerves of steel.

Pooja Chauhan a hapless wife, daughter-in-law and mother was driven to strip down in a gesture which bespoke of aberrant helplessness, after repeated complaints to the Police accusing her husband and in laws of torture fell on deaf ears. Her fault: She gave birth to a baby daughter 8 months ago when her in laws desired a son. Also she refused to bring in more dowry as was being constantly demanded (more…)

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