September 2, 2009

Mother Teresa : Lets Keep The Lamp Burning

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Kaveetaa Kaul

Unlike the utterances at beauty pageants where our to be crowned aspirants have waxed eloquent time and again on Mother Teresa and her ‘LOVE”, statements which are designed to be politically correct, rehearsed and well mouthed, would like to clarify this one comes straight from the heart. Few have left me sobbing on their demise as was the case when Mother left our earthly plane. I knew it, felt it instinctively, that she was no ordinary human being. She was a saint, a thought which has been vindicated by her recent canonisation.

Her simple yet powerful averments need to be re visited especially in a world where love and family bondings, oneness and brotherhood are just meaningless inane words often summarily dismissed as emotional balderdash. Lets take a moment to think, envisage a scenario where love was a rule not an exception, compassion a given, harmony and laughter a routine followed piously. A world without fear and aggressiveness, overflowing with the milk of humaneness..

My favorite quote from the slideshow ‘ …if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more Love’. Great thought..which has arisen from personal experience. many of us may never even have recognised this sentiment enough to express it so simply, yet so profoundly.



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