January 28, 2007

‘Guru’ Movie Review- Gurubhai Mani Ratnam

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Kaveeta Kaul


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A friend, who is also a film maker, enquired of me conspiratorially, prior to the release of the film ‘Guru’ as to what were my reactions of the promos or rather what were the expectations from the film. The pre- release buzz which surrounds a film based on rather nebulous criteria, word of mouth gossip, disgruntled colleagues, envious peers, or the plain diabolic variety of ‘industrywallahs, who revel in pulling down any effort they feel threatened by either by sheer enormity of the project or sincerity in its making, is often hugely erroneous.

Since I correspond to none of the above mentioned categories, my assessment was based (more…)

November 16, 2006

Kaunsi’Umrao’ Kiski ‘Jaan’ Kaisi ‘Ada’-Umrao Jaan Review

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Kaveeta Kaul

One of the most eagerly awaited films, in recent times, (not if one was to peruse the opening collections..a shameful 30%) where the lead ‘jodi’ had set the media ablaze with their impending ‘marriage’ rumors, a sure shot, tried and tested modus operandi to woo in crowds.

Apart from the hype of its budget, the ‘promos’, the advertised painstakingly carried out execution of the finer nuances of the original story written by ‘Rusva’, an expected buzz surrounded the release. That J.P. Dutta was the creator of this Umrao Jaan (more…)

October 24, 2006

Don-Undone (Review)

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Indian films are as if strait jacketed into a mould whereby Box-office returns are the single most crucial factor determining creative decisions. Any wonder then, that tried and tested films are being squeezed of every drop of latent potential, re-hashed and presented afresh in the pious hope of achieving another block buster credited in a film makers repertoire. The predominant cult of ‘lifting’ foreign films, after having reached saturation, apart from the uncertainty of guaranteeing success , led to this ‘creative’ route of now re-mixing films! (Sigh) (more…)

October 7, 2006

Woh Lamhe-Review

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Few directors in India have left me wanting for more. One of them is Mahesh Bhatt. He possessed a rare sensitivity and astute talent in detailing human emotions If you notice I have intentionally switched to the past tense, since he has declared his resignation from active ‘direction’ of films or so he says…most of the films under his banner presently smack of the “Bhatt Saab’ touch…for better or worse. (more…)

September 4, 2006

Bravo-Carry On Munnabhai!

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Update: Arshad Warsi claimed today in Mumbai Mirror, that the character of Circuit was his brain child totally. “There was nothing to it (the character originally written).The guy was just a typical sidekick, a six foot oaf named Abdul Khulji, or something like that. I moulded and shaped that inconsequential character in to Circuit”..informs Arshad…hmmm, no wonder the ring of truth in the performance and my comments.



For most, moviegoing is a pastime, for some it is an escape, for others, like me, it is a passion, akin to none, indulged solely for pleasure, reserved for viewing a creative art. The (more…)

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