February 20, 2006

Did India Give Kissing To the world?

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TIMES OF INDIA NEWSFLASH: For all those who thought kissing was un-Indian and a foreign influence on desi sensibilities, here’s a reality check to make you pucker up and take notice. Research reveals the first recorded kiss in human history can actually be traced back to Indian origins. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Indians were alert and kissing way back in 1500 BC. Forget the simple zero, it seems the sizzling smooch is actually Hindustan’s greatest contribution to the world.

According to Texas A&M University anthropologist Vaughn Bryant,”References to kissing did not appear until 1500 BC when historians found four major texts in Vedic Sanskrit literature of India that suggested an early form of kissing. There are references to the custom of rubbing and pressing noses together. This practice, it is recorded, was a sign of affection, especially between lovers. This is not kissing as we know it today, but we believe it may have been its earliest beginning. About 500 to 1,000 years later, the epic Mahabharata, contained references suggesting that affection between people was expressed by lip kissing. Later, the Kama Sutra, a classic text on erotica, contained many examples of erotic kissing and kissing techniques.

Hmmm.. No connection, I am sure. But thinking aloud, would our population problem have been non-existent in the absence of the said discovery??.. Naah.. thats silly!
All said and done, our ancestors were hip.. Gotta hand it to them! Won’t be a bad idea for our censor board to learn a thing or two from this report. In light of this, can you imagine the absurdity of the fact that kissing is taboo in our films?
Hubby’s contribution;
“Emran Hashmi is a true Indian “

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