July 18, 2006

Blogging Censored!!!

Filed under: opinions — Kaveeta Oberoi Kaul @ 1:43 pm

There has been a hue and cry and rightly so across the board, against the unfair, arbitrary blocking of blogspot and other sites, by those to who the voice of the common man seems a threat.

One wishes that this kind of alacrity and adeptness had been displayed in arresting terrorists and their nefarious activities, this past decade or more. Thousands upon thousands of innocent lives would have been saved. The humiliating juncture of having to curb/stifle the voices of well meaning citizens would not have arisen!

That the masterminds behind this censorship have failed miserably in pre-empting , planning and execution, yet again, is plainly evident from the fact that nothing has stopped me from writing and deterred you from reading the present post. If terrorism be a hydra headed monster as oft repeated, then the voice of righteousness can boast of the same if not more. Despite subscribing to the wisdom of compassion, patience, tolerance generally, this is one war Indians are willing to fight till the end.

A seemingly innocuous visual of a dappled railway map of Mumbai, indicating the blast sites, in reality speak of a horrendous massacre, which has to be the last of its kind in Mumbai, India and the world. In the war between Good and Evil, our scriptures decree success for Good..lets ensure it, once and for all.

The rationale behind this censorship is allegedly an attempt to curb terrorist communication, however ridiculous that may appear, especially considering that the bullet has left the gun. But also how does one then understand the interception of the BBC/NEWS HAVE YOUR SAY page which dealt with Mumbal blasts??

So , in other words when POLITICAL WILL is present even a daunting task of censorship to this level is made tangible. Whilst the absence of it has nurtured/harboured/encouraged terrorists to have sway over India.. to the extent of conducting proxy warfare, as and to their whim. If the powers who be think that they are pulling wool over our eyes by pledging innocence, then they are at best deceiving themselves into believing that the public is a bunch of jokers they can manipulate.

It beehooves one to claim with certainty that those who could have averted the MASSACRE of the train blast were either not allowed to perform their jobs with a free hand OR that it entailed a section of elitist individuals to be embarassed by the revelations which emerge. Either way it was the commuter, man, woman, child who was found lying dead, maimed, ripped apart, on platforms and tracks.

This incident has once again proven beyond all doubt and unreservedly that statements such as ‘caught off guard’ and ‘despite best efforts’ or such like by the officials are not as jejune as they appear. It is clearly a case of the Intelligence or those responsible, not having lived up to the challenge of providing Mumbai, the city with the highest tax payers and the economic hub, the security it DESERVED.

What gains can accrue from censorship at this stage is not only a fruitless exercise to analyse but an infuriating one as well.

If anyhing, the terrorists, languishing in jails for the past 14 years, cleverly manipulating the lacunae of the Judicial system and its laxity, should be publicly flogged. Where is the justice in providing justice to those who have broken every law
with impunity and irreverence? Justice, innately connotes, that the guilty be brought to book and the innocent be avenged. How can justice apply to those who punish the innocent and serve the guilty???

India has become a laughing stock, by virtue of dealing shabbily and ineffectively with the growing menace of terrorist and their activities. A phenomena which could have been snuffed out at the initial stages itself with finality. The shaming incident of a foreigner raped in Jaipur, captured the indignation of the citizen of India who spared no effort to raise a hue and cry in demand for justice. Within 15 days, the guilty was arrested, indicted and sentenced with life.

Now juxtapose this on a scenario where the convictions for those arrested for bombings of 1993, have been either freed for lack of evidence or are yet in jail, for the last 13 years, enjoying the snails pace of Indian judiciary which is adopted in cases where clout commands proceedings. Either that or the fact that the Judiciary is not as independent as averred. The Legislature,Political Officialdom has handcuffed Justice.

EXEMPLARY PUNISHMENT to the accused is the CRY of the hour. A signal needs to be sent out loud and clear to those who harbour plans of spreading carnage in India that we do not take kindly to insurgency. That heads will roll, if need be. That fighting against terrorism is the number one priority on our list . That progress will not and cannot be stalled . That an enemy will be hounded, and caught, no matter who its benefactors. That U.S.A. prove its uprightness by stopping supply of arms to China and Pakistan. That Pakistan stop shielding terrorists w.e.f NOW!!

Because India has risen!

This story is on NOW PUBLIC-EXCLUSIVE..whether or not my site is accessible to he readers is unknown, since I have to go by a proxy server as well.


  1. nice..expressive,
    but all of you guys are fighting a lost battle 🙂

    Comment by Anonymous — July 19, 2006 @ 10:53 am | Reply

  2. anonymous 2 anonymous..

    thats a good enuf reason to sit back n do NOTHING>>>>Right? go ahead..doing nothing:) i wud rather say, i am not.. but kudos to those who are:)it keeps hopes up

    Comment by Anonymous — July 19, 2006 @ 3:01 pm | Reply

  3. ok..finally got took me a while to realise just vot it is thts going on and then read other blogs n found the vots the big ban that THEY claim to have achieved..cld be easily sidestepped..shame..again.
    it is irritating tho n wonder till when they are going to go around playing these kiddy games..ya n I am sure vot u mentioned abt Uncle sam has a bigger role to play than most imagine.

    Comment by Neha — July 19, 2006 @ 7:55 pm | Reply

  4. Anonymous,

    How does one know one is fighting a losing battle unless one attempts to fight in the first place? And how can the result be predicted before its end? lets just do our bit, in whatever capacity, earnestly and confidently. It is imperative that forces who wish to undermine our sovereignty, whether external or internal be dealt a blow. Indifference is hardly the advisable route.

    Neha, is irritating. They are sidelining the exact cause for this disruption or then giving vague replies. Honestly, they do take us to be a bunch of morons. Perhaps we are to blame. They have got away with a lot worse.And have still managed to keep it enforced. A representative of the cable owners came on T.V. and exposed that they had received orders by the Ministry to stop blogger, geocities, typepad and some others. And the officials go on record saying they have not given any instructions. India the second largest democracy in the world, fails to arrrest terrorism but attempts to arrest public opinion. How misguided can one be?
    ‘Writers against terrorism’, is a site whose publishers have sent me invitations to join in as far back as 12th.. repeated re-sends have failed..thanks to their perseverance though. really appreciate it.But this is telling of how vary they were of goings on the net. But blissfully unaware of whats hapening in the country.

    Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — July 19, 2006 @ 8:09 pm | Reply

  5. the stupidity is not about to end any time soon. They’re also targetting skype and yahoo messenger (Voice).
    The DoT is planning to block messenger-based telephony services too.


    Comment by saurab — July 20, 2006 @ 2:14 am | Reply

  6. Falout was expected..but this more a commercial, economy ridden coercive. Nevertheless, one does not foresee any viable gain or long term curb. Imo, much like the piracy of music and films, which is like the never ending itch, a curtailment/containing of the phenomenon is all that can be expected. It is too vast a sea wuth too many players, for DoT to be able to impose restriction. Out of what level of knowledge on the issue does this directive(?) emerge is plainly debatable. Our babus are pathetically vague on net savviness..If the present ban was not telling enough.

    Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — July 20, 2006 @ 11:54 am | Reply

  7. Dear Kaveetaa, as the past week ends with endless bloodshed; and with blogs being blocked and monitored by private eye’s in the sky/PC/phone, one has to wonder; what the big picture really IS, at this point?

    What I see is: people around the world, becoming coralled like wild horse’s to be bought/sold/tamed.

    Frightening to “know” that invasion of privacy in one’s “home” is now normal ettiquete in government policy?

    If one would reflect to world events re-Bush election(2 illegally won elections) one could see the pattern, leading right UP to today!!

    One could easily see the past 5 years, Bush’s lack of communication/speaking skills; and his lack to manifest peace with other nations/leaders.

    How futile, seems my prayers, how hollow the sound of it’s plea’s for peace around the world; as I gather the rest of my sense’s and hope you are safe Kaveetaa; from any form of harm or loss’s….

    Much love to you, know you and yours; are allways, and all ways; in the thoughts, of me and mine : )


    Comment by North — July 21, 2006 @ 1:28 am | Reply

  8. The blogs are still blocked!!
    The RTI will now RIP!!!
    More power to the people or what?

    Comment by Chameleon's Karma — July 21, 2006 @ 12:47 pm | Reply

  9. Ck,

    have just been able to access from here..I guess they are opening out at the discretion of the ibps. Power of bloggers has been unarguably proven once and for all! And power of blogging as well:)

    Ahh!!!the written word…. more potent than a millon swords and more lethal than shakespeares poison..smiling as a cat would post cream.

    Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — July 21, 2006 @ 3:27 pm | Reply

  10. North,

    On the one hand we find ourselves in this quagmire of vilence, mindleess, brutal acts of hidden agendas and apathetic display of callousness towards human life, privacu, dignity and freedom. But what I see emerging out of it all from this mayhem, phoenix like is the common man and his VOICE..which states loud and clear that He will protest. He needs answers. Let us focus on the power of one so that we acn continue our struggle with valour and conviction. The repealment of the bannings of the blogs, proves that we are on the right track:)

    I have no doubt whatsoever as to your wishes for me and mine , as you should have no doubts as to mine for you. I am with you..Always

    Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — July 21, 2006 @ 6:36 pm | Reply

  11. Many smiles and blessings Kaveetaa.

    Yes, I can see how triumphant the human spirit is; over adversity, oppression, even facing death.

    IF you ever need a place to run to Kaveetaa; my home is open to you and yours….

    much love,

    Comment by North — July 21, 2006 @ 7:17 pm | Reply

  12. Cheers to the ‘human spirit’..heres hoping it out manoeuvures all else:)

    Comment by Kaveetaa Kaul — July 22, 2006 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

  13. Amen to that! : )

    Comment by North — July 24, 2006 @ 7:32 am | Reply

  14. Marriages are changing. In India and all over the world. In some places they are becoming more repressive, and in some places that are opening up to a wider range of expression.

    Where I am from people marry more because they want to make a commitment than pump out kids. My feeling is that before this generation raising a family was the most important part of marriage. I don’t think so any more. At least not in the USA. India is changing too, just not as quickly.

    Comment by Scott Carney — July 28, 2006 @ 12:22 pm | Reply

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