March 11, 2008

Dhoni Sacrifices Goat! Who Is The Bakra Here?


Kaveetaa Kaul


Oh yes.. Dhoni is a sport!! He dabbles in all kinds!!

Most of yesterday evening was spent avoiding the visual of a live video recording flashed across several news Channels of an apparently unmoved, placid Dhoni, partaking in a  ritual accompanied by a timid goat, all dressed for the kill with ’tilak ‘ on forehead a garland around its neck et al. ( see snap) Makes one shudder to think that this is the mental make up of our erstwhile captain of the Indian cricket team. One would have imagined that he had the class and polish to restrict his ‘killer instinct ‘ to the cricket field, fending off opposing bowlers or demolishing a competitive score. But, it was a revelation, albeit devastatingly disturbing, to witness just how steeped in mediocrity or for that matter, crassy was his mindset to indulge apathetically in inane ritualistic acts anachronistic in practise, if not outright and unmistakably barbaric.


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