September 15, 2008

A Reminder : Shraadh

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Update: 2009 Shraadh begins on 5th September to 18th Sept in India. For USA and Canada Shraadh began yesterday 1.e. 4th Sept.

Shraadh or Pitrapaksh begins today, ending on 29th September, leading  on to Navratri.

Lifes most memorable moments are often those spent in the company of a dear one who has imperceptibly left an indelible mark in our journey. When they are snatched away by death”s steely clasp, we are left behind to mourn and grieve, not just for their death but what died within us in their loss.

Whilst tainting every joyous occasion with suffering in remembrance is not advisable, our sages therefore in their wisdom, appointed a certain time of the year to honour them. This period of 16 days which begins today, is known as ‘Shraadh’ or Pitrapaksh” . It is recommended that new ventures, business, or clothing not be bought during the length of Shraadha. Instead, depending on the ‘tithi’ or day of death, according to the hindu calendar, corresponding to that day, among the 16, ceremonies involving charity be performed, in remembrance of the departed souls, as also to pray for their well-being, to whatever realm they may have progressed .

I am not a religiously ritualistic individual like most others. Yet there are certain ceremonies which seem in consonance with even a cynical questioning mind. If one day in a year be devoted to praying for those who have helped shape our lives, given it a form which has enriched us, then it is but a negligible step to repay our indebtedness to them, pray for their salvation, while at once seeking their blessings.

Tears seem just a drop of nothingness, even if arisen from the depths of a bereaved soul. (more…)

Save Troy Davis From Execution ( Updated)

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Update 21st Sept 2008: Kavita Chhibber speaks with Troy just days before his scheduled execution. Guys its just too traumatic for words.. Please act now!! Click on link at Kavitas site.. Thanks!!

Kavita Chhibber sent me this piece pasted below, written passionately elaborating how an innocent man is doomed to execution on 23rd September. Troy Davis’s case and his subsequent plea for clemency has taken Georgia by storm, with various organisations, citizen groups even songs being dedicated to espouse the cause of saving his life.Time is running short.

Troy Davis..In his own words. .painful!!

Read on and write to the parole provided in the article. Thanks.

Between Life and Execution: The Troy Davis Story

His name is Troy Anthony Davis and he is a Black man from Savannah Georgia on death row for close to 20 years. I’m neither pro nor anti-death penalty. I believe it should be decided on the case by case basis. And this is one case where I believe that this man does not deserve to die.

This is a story of what can possibly happen to you and me if we were to end up in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Add a screwed up legal system, and a dash of racism, and it could be a life in a maximum security prison, with years of no redemption.

But, don’t go by his name and the color of the skin. Read this story also because it could be that one time, your activism may be the difference between life and death. (more…)

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