December 30, 2006

Of Serial Killers Of Noida Moninder Surinder And Police- India’s Shame! (Updated)

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Kaveeta Kaul

A dictator, alleged perpetrator of untold crimes against his people , has been executed. Saddam Hussein walked to the gallows, almost calm, refused to be masked, appearing heroically brave, and was hanged until death..

As if the visual of the exercise leading him to the gallows was not enough, despite being looped continuously almost in barbarity and apathetic primitiveness, what ran concurrently on television channels was this gruesome news..The Nithari Killings..The first of its kind in India if not the world.

In Noida, Uttar pradesh, 40-50 women and children had been reported missing the last year. Police was informed, pleaded with by irate parents, to arrest a suspect Surinder Singh, a servant cum watchman of a bungalow. He was interrogated..but.. released. Finally yesterday, the mystery was solved and horror unfolded.

The children, he confessed, over a period of a year were regularly kidnapped, first raped by the owner of the house Moninder Singh Pandher, then by him, and killed. They shared the spoils, albeit with hierarchy. Sometimes the process was reversed..they were killed and then raped. The bodies mutilated, hacked, stuffed with salt and dumped into gunny bags, discarded in the drain at the back of the house. The mangled, bones of 32 children has been recovered.

And by all other definitions, they are human beings!

Which crime is greater? Saddams or the Singhs? Is there a difference? Does one rejoice at an execution? Does the execution of an old tottering man tried by a kangaroo court appease alleged killings?Will it eliminate brutalities? Have we really progressed as a race? How does one grieve for children?

The police officials who disregarded pleas by parents, turned a blind eye to allegations by residents towards the suspect… do they deserve mercy? One by one an unsuspecting, child bribed with a candy was lured to its death..the numbers increased, while the officials, robot-like, numbered the complaints with photographs on a lined paper with ‘missing’ as heading. Their job done then shooed the parents off with a ” why do you produce children if you cannot look after them” or ” we will inform you if found”. They never bothered to or rather refused to register an F.I.R since this increases the crime statistic, ..and now what was found were bits and pieces of bone. Not a single skeleton was intact. Are they less deserving of a hanging?

Had the children and young girls chopped to pieces belonged to the Muslim comunity or Dalits, by now India would have seen a macabre dance of terror in retribution. But since this a group which is indistinguishable like most Indians, neither politicians nor communities by and large have been affected..except Nithari village, living in fear and shock.

Just the skulls, bones of arms and legs have been unearthed..torsos are missing…every single one. An eyewitness, a parent who lost his daughter was permitted to enter the house. He broke down while describing the condition of the house and kitchen.. There was blood everywhere, and knives of all shapes and sizes, clothes of children were strewn around, blood smeared on walls, in his words it appeared more as a ‘slaughterhouse’.

Paedophiles, maniacal addiction is almost a certainty.That it may be an ‘organ sale racket’ is more than probable..a nexus between police, doctors, politicians and criminals Those in power are in cahouts or may be arbiters of the crime..or how else does one explain the rampancy of this episode for over a period of two years?? Only kids from poor backgrounds were picked up suggesting that the police could ‘deal’ with them without much suspicion getting aroused.

One has two options when writing a post of the kind. Either you cry out in anguish, writhe with angst spewed out in venom, spit fire on those concerned, or then simply spell out details, detachedly, and leave the rest to the imagination of the readers. All one can summon is enough patience to click on the keyboard. Survival behooves numbness, stoicness .

In some cases, words are not needed..or maybe, not enough. One does not die for the dead.. can, at most ..cry for them.

“dil hi to hai na sang -o- khisht dard se bhar na aaye kyon

royenge hum hazaar baar koi humme sataye kyon”

Mirza Ghalib

heart it is not a brick of stone, why should not I feel the pain

let none tyrannise this heart or I shall cry out again and again.

Update: As the interrogations continue, further revelations prove that Surinder, the servant confessed to cannibalism..he consumed the liver and other portions of the children’s bodies. Missing torsos possible explanation…or is it a cover up to protect the larger nexus of perhps paedophilism or organ trade? What is also missing was any eveidence of flesh on the bones found..not even a shred of ligament.

With the progression of days the number of missing children, from adjoining areas are coming to light..couple of hundred..where the police has shown inaction on detecting those reported missing..have all met the same fate? None have been found for the last couple of years…where have they gone? A mother recognised Moninder singh as the man near her house 15 minutes before her son went missing from Ambala, a month back.

Update 9thJan’07: Organ trade racket as suspected has emerged as a clear possibility. For one the tools found in the house, the torsos missing, and the hushing up of the events by politicos, is a clear indication that there were far more heinous implications to this sordid affair.

In fact, in 1999, the Noida police had begun investigating a suspected trade in body organs, but the inquiry was dropped after some political leaders intervened, the officer said.

The organ trade is believed to be among the biggest medical scams in the country, next only to female foeticide. “It’s all about making maximum profits,” a police officer said. “Indians have a medical history of organ failures and there is huge domestic demand for transplants. Profit margins range between Rs15 lakh and Rs25 lakh, depending upon the urgency of requirement.”

Commerce corrupts and corrupts absolutely.The motive is loud and clear, the crime as repugnant as ever.

Update 10th Jan’07: The Narco analysis, brain mapping and polygraph tests conducted on the two have been completed. Conflicting reports and summations. Several gnawing doubts cropped up in my mind..

* The C.B.I was instructed to take over the case as early as the 6th..they have yet not done so or rather not been allowed to do so..By whom?

* In the absence of unbiased authorities at the narco tests how can we be sure of the authenticity of the medication instilled? It could have been staged.

*Surinder Singh, by virtue of him being the servant may also end up the scape goat..crimes shouldered by him while Moninder may get way with a lesser sentence.

* There seems to be a clear ‘shielding of the culprit’ Moninder Singh..Why? Who would want to protect a paedophile and mass murderer? Those involved with him. Those in power, threatened by the exposure.

*Motive of the crime is getting more and more obscure. Is it Paedophilia? Then why Kill?? If it is murder..then why? The bodies were disposed off with a precision and system only known in hospitals..are doctors involved? Is the cannibalism theory being propounded to mask the real culprits? There is certainly more than meets the eye..and equally horrifying.

*AS days go by, it appears doubtful if the guilty will be brought to book..if the crime will get amply elucidated for the public. The elections in U.P. are on the horizon. Mulayam Singh is not a Minister, who will take kindly to aspersions on his candidature. He will do all in his capacity to water down the scale of operations.

*Moninder Singh was in the business also of manufacturing Bull Dozers/ cranes for unearthing roads and houses. Presently these are the also being deployed to open up gutters in front and behind his Bungalow, where scores of bones have so far been unearthed. If Nature ensures Nemesis, can Man ensure Injustice? We will have to wait and see if the politicos and others in Power are more powerful than the Laws of the Divine!

Update: A must read for a comprehensive analysis and if I may add, exactly what had been strongly suggested in this post..

Panic is mounting in the Mulayam Singh camp after newspaper reports linked controversial businessman Ashok Chaturvedi’s name to the main accused, Moninder Singh. The reports suggested that it was Chaturvedi who pressured the police to release Moninder Singh when he was picked up last year in connection with the disappearance of his maid, Payal. If one starts connecting the dots, Chaturvedi is the owner of Flex Industries in which Mulayam Singh’s Man Friday Amar Singh was a director till the company was raided in an income tax evasion and bribery case some years ago. Interestingly, the reports linking Chaturvedi to Moninder Singh have not been denied so far.

Its curious that the police refused to consider the organ racket angle right from the beginning. And they continue to ignore it despite subsequent revelations. For instance, Moninder Singhs neighbour in NOIDA is a doctor who was arrested some years ago for suspected involvement in organ trade. The police found nothing and released him. Now comes the news that Moninder Singhs business associate in Chandigarh was also picked up by the police two years ago on similar charges. Mere coincidence? Or is there something more?

The parents of the butchered children are being wooed with money..Notes for votes. The offer has gone up from 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs with a plot of land and a government job thrown in! In other words..’paisa lo, moonh band rakho, vote do’

Update 15th Jan’07: The CBI has finally taken over around 4 days ago. The media reports of CBI findings suggest the following:

* The Noida police are clearly to be blamed for dereliction of duty.

*Slip shod investigation suggest that Moninder Singh was being shielded.

* Ordinarily the premiere Narco analysis centre is bangalore. Despite that these criminals were tested in Gujarat..reasons are obvious. The narco test results have not been revealed. Neither was a credible officer present at the location

* Most shocking of all..45 bags have been found in the gutters in front of the Pandher residence which have parts of the torsos..eyes, hair, bones. this was the same location which ad already been searched by the Noida police or so they claim..then how did these bags not get picked up. The number is increasing along with the doubts of murdered children.

* What were the civic authorities doing for the last two years?? These drains had never been cleaned. Further bags have obviously been swept away in the monsoons to join the larger drain..where they have not yet begun excavations.

* That the number of dead reported is being kept under wraps is clear..the numbers will eventually go into hundreds.

* It was of paramount importance that the original statements made by the criminal duo be deposed in the presence of a Magistrate, to avoid them from retracting later. This was not done by the Noida police. As expected the two have now turned hostile to any past confessions. The CBI therefore has the onus of producing evidence. Does the police need training to perform or is that a wilfull dereliction of duty.!

Update 23rd March 07 : As expected Monider Singh has been cleared of all Charges by the CBI. The incongrousness of the investigations had as earlier mentioned almost exposed the intention of the investigative agencies of absolving Moninder Singh and foisting the blame squarely on Surinders shoulders. Despite the fact that this outcome had been expected it does not fail to fill one with disgust at the corruption and manipulation rampant.

“He was not aware”.. claims the CBI.. Yeah Right!! Not aware of scores of kids and women being raped and killed in his own house.. and which he had earlier confessed to have raped and been party to the murder of!!

Why had he spent most of last year then defending Surinder when he was caught?

It is amply clear that the officials who had been partying away at Moninders house were all in danger of being exposed and it was in their interest to hush up matters. Just how deep were the inroads in the crime circuit by all his ‘friends’ is not a matter of conjecture anymore.. its almost a certainty..

” Iss hamam mein sabhi nange hain”.

The investigations are as if turning out to be a joke. Its not important anymore as to the seriousness of your actions. You are a criminal if you dont have access to the right names . If you do not only do you get away with rape and murder but perhaps rewarded for it ..

Words desert one at such times..


  1. i just dont feel like putting on the t.v…seeing those guys there and those faces felt like stoning them to death.Bastards. the poor parents were still waiting for their kids to return. n i dont know..didnt want to see sadaam executed also.they did it puprposely today on eid so that its a point made. wish the new year begins on a better note…btw love that song.

    Comment by Neha — December 30, 2006 @ 11:14 pm | Reply

  2. Kaveetaa.. I have posted my thoughts on this on my blog… I feel, as a compassionate species; we have failed.

    with loving kindness,

    Comment by North — December 31, 2006 @ 4:42 am | Reply

  3. I concur Kaveeta. The media had a field day exploiting these stories to the churned my stomach.

    Comment by dilip — December 31, 2006 @ 11:24 am | Reply

  4. @ Neha..yes its eid and also of the most revered. Its been said that anyone who dies on this day is sure to achieve moksha..30th Dec was one such.. so what does one conclude? Moksha for Saddam?

    @ North dear..yes have replied on your blog and loved all your designs. You are so talented North..God bless! know on second thoughts..had the media not released the clip..gruesomeness, starkness et all the uproar would not have been as has appalled all sane citizens the world over irrespective of their political allegiances.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — December 31, 2006 @ 12:49 pm | Reply

  5. All this could have been avoided!! It was undoubtedly a serious police lapse. They are corrupt and nothing will get them off their ass## except money..or how did they find the child of the Adobe official?? In just a few days??
    Its the officers who were responsible for getting that surinder off the first time who should be hanged until Death along with these maniacs!!!!

    Comment by krishnan — January 2, 2007 @ 12:47 pm | Reply

  6. Thanks Kaveetaa for posting on my post on my blog about this… it is such a disturbing act of violence, which seems to be an out of control human act these past many years…. thanks for the compliments on my designs.. they are fun to make…

    with loving kindness,

    Comment by North — January 2, 2007 @ 8:27 pm | Reply

  7. North, you know one has heard of crimes .But I think in India ruthlessness of this magnitude has taken place for the first time..chopping children after raping them! I have not been able to enjoy my New Years. It was so disgusting the thought that such heinous crimes can take place. the post in detail to get an idea.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — January 3, 2007 @ 10:39 am | Reply

  8. Guys, do u think that they just deserve some punishment like hanged until death..
    tats just an easy death.. bastards like surinder and moninder shud be given some horrfying death.. they shud see the death coming to them but at a slow and painful pace..
    How can those motherf##*%@ not have a heart any fear or emotions to kill those innocents.. and on top of all that, they wer even cannablised !!! Uff… Good lord.. How can u or rather why do u even see all this happening to your own people, ur creation???
    Dont know even ther is a God hearing to those innocent’s cries..
    Anyways, Let pray for their souls to rest in peace..

    Comment by crabby — January 9, 2007 @ 12:33 pm | Reply

  9. Hanged to death is fine..hanged by their B@$^&S till death!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Neha — January 10, 2007 @ 2:40 pm | Reply

  10. That’s just twoo much such people shld be hanged.

    Comment by indian — January 10, 2007 @ 10:29 pm | Reply

  11. One can only hope that Justice prevails. According to the narco tests Surinder is clearing his master of the murders and making it a personl case where he raped after murdering them since he was impotent. Then why the precision/ Where are the torsos? He confesses to cannibalsim as well. But it seems more likely that this is a cover up. Scores of children hacked to death and the owner has no knowledge? Especially since Moninder was also involved in the rapings? Preposterous.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — January 11, 2007 @ 10:58 am | Reply


    Comment by livingstone — January 19, 2007 @ 12:05 pm | Reply

  13. @ Livingstone,

    I am absolutely in consonance with you. Either outdated laws and lacunae therein are rectified, or let public sentiment lead events. What demoralises is the DISTRUST in any arm of govt, whether, police, judiciary or the executive.

    Comment by kaveetaakaul — January 19, 2007 @ 2:30 pm | Reply

  14. It is pretty obvious that the country has gone to the dogs..that such heinous crimes should go unpunished is unimaginable and insane..that it should have the political shield is a terrifying prospect.I can only wonder if the honorable ministers and the worthy CBI officers would still maintain the same garb of unconcern if it had been their own children and wifes brutally raped and hacked to death???

    Comment by jayeeta — June 5, 2007 @ 12:53 pm | Reply

  15. […] made and coffers continue to grow while politicians even though in the dock get away scott free. When Moninder Singh Pander the demonic paedophile gets a clean chit despite having confessed to his …and the investigating authorities responsible for his acquittal are not banned. When young girls are […]

    Pingback by Aaja Nachle..Dancing To Mayawatis Tunes « Sachiniti — December 1, 2007 @ 4:46 pm | Reply

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