May 2, 2007

Eternal Sunshine And Bollywood

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Kaveetaa Kaul 

Saw a movie which is considered quite a ‘cult film’ by most cinephiles and also enormously inspiring by some makers. It is certainly not your quintessential ‘worth-a-watch’ film. Primarily because it needs you to be attentive, mature and intelligent. It pre-supposes the inherent sharpness of the viewer..such a diametrically differing standpoint from the Indian cinegoers perspective, since he enters a cinema hall to lose himself and surrender to the sensibilities of the maker. While films such as ‘Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind’ demand that you ‘grow up’ and watch the meanderings of the script with your senses alert.

No, this is not a review of the film. In fact it would be a trifle difficult to indulge in that exercise. (more…)

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