May 12, 2007

Shocking U.P.Election Result (Updated)

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Update 24th Oct 07: Amarmani Tripathi, his wife Madhumani and an associate have been sentenced to life imprisonment in the Madhumita Shukla murder case. Amarmani was allegedly having an affair with this young poetess, who he impregnated and then allegedly got murdered. Despite threats to witnesses, he has been charged. Unexpected but dfinitely a welcome indictment.

Update: As expected/predicted Anil Ambani faces roadblock for his SEZ venture approved by Mulayam Singh govt..But it will finally dwindle down into a mere ‘roadblock’ bartered and removed..Honestly how predictable can these politicos get!


Mayawati winning hands down did come as a surprise..but its not as if one went into a swoon and fell off the chair on reading of her thumping majority ( the first time in 14 years that U.P. will not have a milli juli sarkar- BSP has raced ahead capturing more than 2o8 seats.. with SP (Samajwadi party) Mulayam singh getting only 93, while Congress not even on the map) How this will affect Amar Singhs coterie and his hazaar industries in collaboration with his friends Ab and Anil Ambani is a matter of conjecture..Mayawati is poised for a huge battle.. odds on her side…as also the stacks!

But the rather shocking bit of news is this

India’s masses always let you down.. (more…)

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