May 8, 2007

Abhi Ash Wedding – Bachchans Take On Bollywood



Kaveeta Kaul

My personal gossip news vine is Shirin- a beautician who comes by once a month, to help satisfy my compulsive vain urges. The fact that she is also a favourite with other filmi folk lends to the credibility of spicy tidbits interspersed with her routine, which she offers most willingly, free of cost. Mostly its a with my eyes closed, trying earnestly to relax away my blues while she chatters away undeterred..Responsiveness is not a criteria she bothers herself much with…and neither is she impressed with subtle piquant wit. I often sense the similarity with the Vijay-Basanti (Sholay) catatonic syndrome.. y’know what I mean. (more…)

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