September 17, 2006

In Heaven-In Hell: Anousheh-Mumtaz Ghazala Deepti

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Kaveeta Kaul

Oftentimes one encounters those with an alternative viewpoint, a necessary adjunct to creative ‘out of the box’ take on lifestyles. There is a certain gentleman who strongly conforms to the tenet of ‘newspaperless-ness’ as the secret behind his disease-less state of health. In other words, his morning routine, or rather daily routine, does not include the almost reverential wait for the morning paper indulged in by the vast majority of mortals (me included). He pooh poohs the exercise with a wave of his hand, accompanied by an “invitation to depression’ remark, on his way to the ‘laughter club’.

Oftentimes, I find myself inwardly agreeing, while not summoning up the will to bypass the dining table, with the stock of freshly delivered, unopened newspapers, waiting to be (more…)

September 10, 2006

Malegaon Blasts And Incendiaries

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malegaon.jpg Malegaon-Making Merry in happier times

Having written extensively on the Mumbai blasts, not just for reasons arising out of proximity to location, but more out of a sense of shock and unbridled dismay, found myself numbed into denial this time with the Malegaon bombings. Despite serious resolve, was unable to extrapolate on the ludicrous event.

However, irresponsible reporting, insiduous intentions to conflagrate, incite unrest or (more…)

September 7, 2006

In Praise Of A Citizen- Bina Ramani (Updated)

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I recently met Bina at a social do.  She turned out quite different from what this write up seemed to convey. Anyway..apparently she had read this piece and so had her husband George Mailhot, who I guessed may have left the comment, as posted below. She confirmed that it was him…

so the worst is over for her and the Lalls. Manu Sharma has been indicted.
Update: 16th Sept..Bina Ramani has been granted bail for a surety of Rs. 2 lakhs, in the forgery case. This cannot be considered a reprieve in the light of the impending arrest for, believe -it-or-not , turning ‘accused’ in the Jessica Lall murder case. Tampering of evidence,(cleaning up the blood stains on the floor of the murder site), allegedly as cause, seven years later , in the attempt to indict her. After all she had been outspoken about her determination to ensure her role in justice for Jessica..she had to be punished .

One of the oldest tricks in the books of ingenuous lawyers is to weaken the credibility of witnesses, systematically and conscientiously. (more…)

Your Title Is Mine! Online Plagiarism

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On 27th of August I had wrtten a post on Abu Salems plans to join Politics. When pondering on the title, decided to link it with a film released 14 years ago “Raju ban Gaya gentleman”, satirically, considering synchronicity of aspirations and therefore named it ‘Abu Salem Ban Gaya Gentleman?’..note the question mark. (more…)

September 4, 2006

Bravo-Carry On Munnabhai!

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Update: Arshad Warsi claimed today in Mumbai Mirror, that the character of Circuit was his brain child totally. “There was nothing to it (the character originally written).The guy was just a typical sidekick, a six foot oaf named Abdul Khulji, or something like that. I moulded and shaped that inconsequential character in to Circuit”..informs Arshad…hmmm, no wonder the ring of truth in the performance and my comments.



For most, moviegoing is a pastime, for some it is an escape, for others, like me, it is a passion, akin to none, indulged solely for pleasure, reserved for viewing a creative art. The (more…)

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